Heather Wilson Considers Run for Governor


The Pink Flamingo has been telling you since June that Heather Wilson would probably end up running for Governor here in New Mexico.

She is thinking about it.

If she runs against that idiot Diane Denish she has a chance.

If Denish is taken out like the Clantons and the McLaurys at the OK Corral by Doc Holiday – sorry it’s an a Tombstone thing, then Wilson is the only one who may be able to defeat Val Kilmer.

Fortunately New Mexicans don’t appear to be all that star-struck.  There are some people who will not vote for Kilmer simply because he is a “star”.

On the other hand, of Steve Pearce continues the ego thing and takes Wilson out in a primary, we’re sunk.

Wilson can win and can bring in Dem voters.  I know this for a fact.