Giving Back That Congressional Pay Raise


Gresham Barrett, R-3rd District, SC, is a nice person.  I’ve known he and his wife, Natalie for years.  I was his GOP County Chair when he won his first election.  Gresham has always been concerned about government spending and waste.

By now you’ve probably heard about those lovely little automatic little pay raises the House voted for themselves.  Well, Gresham is going to donate his five thousand dollars to charity.

The Palmetto Scoop thinks it is to cover some flip-flopping, but I think it is more about the fact that he’s probably going to run against Henry McMasters for governor next year.

“…“I will continue to press for repeal of automatic pay raises, and this year I will be donating my salary increase to Anderson Interfaith Ministries,” Barrett said. “AIM is an organization made up of churches and individuals that provides assistance to the needy while guiding the people it serves to live independently within their own resources.” [Upstate Today]…”

I think Gresham would make a good governor.  So would Henry.  Let’s be honest here, either man would be far superrior to the conservative kiss up who currently holds that office.