Diane Denish’s Very Bad Day – Is Hillary Clinton Next?


Once upon a time, New Mexico Lt. Governor Diane Denish was living a fairy tale life.  All her dreams were coming true.  In just a few short weeks she was going to become the first female governor of New Mexico.  Visions of being the NM version of Sarah Palin obviously danced through her head.

But then – the very bad sitting Governor, Bill Richardson, shot her complicated transition plans (can you say c-o-u-p) plans all to heck when he withdrew his nominiation to be The One (elect)’s Secretary of Commerce.

Once upon a time Diane Denish had it all figured out.  She had a way to get the jump on Val Kilmer in the race for the governor’s office in 2010.  Now her plans are all shot to you know what….?

Or are they?

Diane Denish doesn’t think so.  She thinks Richardson is only postponing his departure. I think someone is in a royal snit today. Let’s be honest here.  Denish has made a complete fool of herself over her “transition” to Richardson’s office.  She has treated it like a Presidential transistion, but we’re only talking New Mexico here.

Two of the more powerful NM Dems made a few quips about the ‘blessing in disguise’ for Denish.  It sounds to me like they don’t really like her recent antics.

This is New Mexico.  Corruption is a way of life.  I’m not talking the Al Capone/Tony Rezko/Barack Obama-Chicago style corruption.  This is different.  It’s New Mexico. We do our corruption differently.

According to NM’s top Democratic blogger, we may be looking at several of Richardson’s staffers doing the actual dirty work, and not Richardson himself.

“…What started as an FBI probe is now a full-fledged grand jury investigation into whether there is any connection between the state’s awarding of a lucrative contract to a California company and sizeable contributions the company made to political action committees formed by Richardson. CDR Financial earned almost $1.5 million advising the state on interest-rate swaps and other business related to $1.6 billion in bonds appropriated for a massive transportation project.

Meanwhile, in 2003 and 2004, CDR Financial gave $75,000 to Richardson’s political action committee Si Se Puede!, and the company’s head, David Rubin, gave $25,000 to Moving America Forward, another Richardson PAC.

The grand jury has already heard testimony from officials at J.P. Morgan, who worked with the state and CDR, and from officials with Richardson’s PACs.

No information released publicly has directly linked Richardson to the probe, but the investigation centers around whether staffers in Richardson’s office influenced the hiring of CDR. The governor has repeatedly ducked questions about the investigation.

Mitchell, in her report, said Richardson was hesitant to withdraw his name from consideration for the position, and called the development “a major setback for a shining political career.” Richardson is a former congressman, U.N. ambassador and energy secretary. According to Mitchell, Richardson “certainly could become a backup choice for a future role” in the Obama administration if he is cleared….”

Do you find it as interesting as do I that the same sort of “corruption” charge is now being made about Hillary Clinton?

Does The One (elect) realize that, if cleared of these charges, Bill Richardson could become his worst enemy in 2012?   Considering what Ed Morrissey has uncovered at Hot Air, Team The One (elect) has just made a powerful enemy out of Bill Richardson, basically calling him a liar.   They need to realize Bill Richardson is THE ONE who basically delivered the Hispanic votes in the Southwest, that coat-tailed into a clean sweep here in New Mexico.

This isn’t going to play well here in NM, trust me.

Having been called a liar in public by the Obama people, Bill Richardson is now free to move about the country and cement his role in 2012 and 2016.   Let’s put it this way, if Richardson is cleared, and the talk here in NM is his staffers did the real dirty work, then The One (elect) has just shoved an “innocent” man under the bus.

Richardson has the personality and the resume to make Barack Obama’s life a living hell if he wants too.

There’s something else at play here.  I love playing “what if”.  What if Richardson decided to pull away from The One (elect) and the resignation due to the investigation were the best way to go.  Remember, we’re dealing with the Obama folks.  An indictment, investigation, or even a conviction is nothing at all for them.

This from Reuters fascinates me:

“…But an extensive public discussion of the New Mexico case, which news reports have said involves a probe of payments by a California company to political action committees run by Richardson, could embarrass an Obama camp that has already had to distance itself from a “pay-to-play” scandal involving the Democratic governor of Illinois…”

I think we’re getting ready to see Obama throw Hillary Clinton under the bus – after her resignation from the Senate.    Is The One (elect) getting ready to trangulate his potential opposition and get rid of him?   This is something I would not put past him considering his MO in rising to power in Chicago.  Never fear, The One (elect) is far more corrupt than anyone working anywhere near him.

Is this what is going on with Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton?

Gotta love that hope and change!


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