The Class Act That Is Sarah Palin


One of the stops along the way of my very long day included dropping by the frame shop that belongs to one of my best friends – Josie’s Frames.

FYI – We were discussing the framing of about 100 photos for my next book. (More about that later – much later).

While Josie and I were talking arguing about how we were going to frame approximately 100 historic cabinet photos, Martina, who works for Josie came out holding a matte she was working on, getting ready to frame it.  I immediately recognized Sarah Palin’s signature on one of the panels.

Without going into details, other than to say Martina was handling it reverently (she’s one of us when it comes to Sarah Palin) she let me read the note.

It was a very proper “bread & butter” thank you note to someone here in town who had donated specific items to a charity that must be near and dear to our future POTUS.  Within 3 days of the items reaching the charity there in Alaska, a thank you was sent to these people.

I wish the Pink Flamingo could say she was so proper when it comes to “bread & butter” thank yous.  I have two currently hanging over my head.  To be dealing with liberals, a grand-baby on the way, a baby, a state, and everything else – and have thank you notes going out within 3 days is a sign of just what kind of a person Sarah Palin is!

Okay, I’m impressed!