Christians Being Murdered in Sudan


This is from an email that is being circulated throughout our diocese.

Bishop Justin of the Anglican Diocese of Maridi in the Sudan is a friend of this diocese.  Several of our missionaries have gone to his diocese, and he has been to us…a very young man carrying an enormous burden for his people.

You are probably all aware of the violence that the LRA [Lord’s Resistance Army – the dark lord’s] is causing now in parts of Congo, Darfur, and now, very near to Maridi. There is a very important clinic there.  It must remain viable, with competent people to run it.

Our friend Fran Boyle from Falls Church VA is planning another run into Sudan and Kenya this month.  Please pray for her as well.

Please read the quote we received this morning, and ask your intercessory ministers to lift this.  Cry out to the Lord for our brothers and sisters!   This comes from Bishop Justin.

[Note from Jean Bissell: LRA stands for “Lord’s Resistance Army” a murderous group that has caused great devastation in Uganda for many years and is now marching and murdering in Sudan toward Maridi.  It is anything but the Lord’s!]


To: Archbishop Daniel; Anthony Poggo; lavery; Bishop of Down and Dromore; Loyo Francis; Kamani Wilson
Your Grace Archbishop Daniel Deng, all my brother Bishops and friends
Last night the LRA came in Nzumara village which is three miles south of Maridi town.They choped seven people to death, destroyed properties,tortured people and have taken over twenty to the bush. It is a very miserable situation here in Maridi. We very much value your prayers for us.
Thank you, Yours  in Christ,s service, Bishop Justin Badi