The Biggest Looser (to date) Is Diane Denish


Just imagine, you are going to be the first female governor of a state.  NOTHING is going to stand in your way.  You make an ass typical Democrat of yourself basically insulting the current governor.  You make a major deal about YOUR transistion team.  It’s all about Diane Denish becoming governor.  Then….the bottom falls out of your plans.

You don’t get to be governor after all.

And you’ve spent weeks making a total fool of yourself.

I would not be surprised if Denish were almost causing a civil war within Democratic ranks here in NM.  What is fascinating is how so quickly she managed to turn certain portions of the state against Bill Richardson by promising that she might undo his appointments with appointments of her own.

There is something rather shady about it all, and reeks of Democratic patronage.  The New Mexico Independent seems to take her side.  Read it and cringe.  It is disgusting.  If I were Bill Richardson I would stay away from White Sands while they are testing missiles.  Denish might just have one with his name on it.

“…It also short circuits the plans of all those people who had hoped to move up, either by appointment to lucrative state government positions under a new governor or by running for a top elective office that would have opened up because of all the dominoes falling as a result of Denish moving up in the world, University of New Mexico political scientist Lonna Atkeson told the Independent.

“There were all these people waiting on the sidelines, some getting ready to join the Denish administration, or hoping to, and others in the current administration who may have already accepted jobs elsewhere,” Atkeson said.

At the same time, “There are probably a lot of exempt employees breathing a sigh of relief,” Sanderoff says of individuals Richardson appointed to state government posts and who likely would have faced an uncertain future under Denish. A governor has the authority to choose who he or she wants to serve in their cabinet and to appoint individuals to so-called exempt positions across state government.

The biggest loser in Sunday’s announcement may well be Denish. Richardson’s decision to linger in the Land of Enchantment deprives Denish of her chance to finally show New Mexicans what she’s made of, Sanderoff said.

Anticipating the transition, Denish set up a team of advisors last month to help her identify and navigate the problems and opportunities she would confront as chief executive, including the state’s financial difficulties. The state is facing a $450 million shortfall for the year that ends June 30, meaning the governor and the Legislature must negotiate in the upcoming legislative session on how best to get New Mexico out of this mess.

“I think she was looking forward to taking over,” Sanderoff said of Denish. “When you have a crisis, you not only have a challenge but you have an opportunity. You could demonstrate your leadership skills. New Mexico’s deficit, although large, is manageable.”

The individuals vying to win the appointment of lieutenant governor once Denish had ascended to governor will now have to wait — those included state Auditor Hector Balderas, Española mayor Joe Maestes and others — as will all those who had hoped to fill the post of whoever was chosen, Sanderoff and Atkeson explained…”