David Rubin, Barack Obama & Big Bill – Part I


You know the businessman who has allegedly ruined Bill Richardson’s chances to be Commerce Secretary?

Yea, that one – David Rubin.

Well, it seems that David Rubin is one huge big time donor to the DNC and Barack Obama.

Ah yes, the plot and the bull you know what thickens.

What if David Rubin was telling the truth, that he is a big time DNC donor and his donations to Richardson were not pay for play?

He donated over $30,000 to The One (elect).

“…Rubin’s money went to a joint Obama-DNC fund ($28,500), the DNC itself ($26,200), and to the Obama campaign ($2,300), according to the database of campaign donations at OpenSecrets.Org. News of the federal investigation into Rubin’s New Mexico dealings had broken less than three weeks earlier….”

What if the real problem is Rubin gave more money to Big Bill than he did The One?

“...David Rubin gave $26,200 to the Democratic Party on September 19th and $2,300 to Barack Obama’s campaign on September 30th. That’s according to records filed with the Federal Election Commission.  Last February, Rubin gave another $1,000 to Obama’s campaign.  Rubin and his company donated $100,000 in 2003-2004 to the political committees of Richardson….”


David Rubin is a big time Democratic Donor.  Crunch the numbers:

“…CDR Summary
1. New Mexico award CDR won 1.4 million dollars from the New Mexico government after donating 100,000 dollars to two Richardson organizations. This is the incident the FBI has pushing hard on.
2. David Rubin of CDR has been involved in Politics from being on Ed Rendell’s transition team in 2003, to being appointed to the LA Housing Authority.
3. CDR has been involved in Low Income Housing plans with the now bankrupt Freddi Mac.
4. CDR was involved in possible corruption in Philadelphia from 2000-2003.
5. CDR managed to leave low income housing called Oakwood Terrace as a cesspool.
6. CDR May have also swindled Atlanta.
7. ON Sept 28th2007 the SEC fined CDR and Anchor National Life Insurance Company,(A company owned by AIG) for various corruption scandals.
8. CDR and David Rubin have poured 10’s of thousands of dollars in various Democrats including Hillary Clinton and President-Elect Obama.
9. For CDR’s connections to Ed Rendell and contracts won from Pennsylvania, click here and here.
10. For a better look at CDR’s donations on a Federal level click here…”


The 46 is doing quite a bit of work on Rubin, Obama and the DNC. The more I read, the more I’m convinced Big Bill was simply doing business as Democratically usual. I am also more and more positive Big Bill is the human sacrifice to keep Obama from being tainted.

“…Now understand something, the SEC punished CDR on Sept 28, 2007 so Obama and the Democrats took this money after it was known that they had been involved in swindles that cheated taxpayers of their money and left areas with low income housing as cesspools. CDR is the company under investigation in the massive pay for play corruption scandal. You know the one where Bill Richardson fled from news reporters who wanted to know of the 100,000 dollars CDR put up for him and associated might have affected their choice to reward them with million dollar contract….”

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  1. This is top notch in depth, peel the layers off reporting. Well done. Why did this grab your attention (deservedly so) while the rest of the press by and large is not even superficially reporting this

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