Richardson Problems “Hurt” Obama’s Southwestern Plans – Part II


According to the lying New York Times Bill Richardson has basically “ruined” Barack Obama’s plans to dominate the Southwest.

The wheels on the Obama Bus go bump bump bump all over Big Bill!

What was a little investigation into Bill Richardson is suddenly taking on some interesting proportions.  The more I read of the story, the more I think The One (elect) dumped Big Bill in order to detract attention from his role in the affair.

You gotta love that hope and change!

I repeat – I smell a rat.

“…“We are conscious of the political and demographic changes in the political Southwest, and these appointments are a reflection of the growing importance of the Southwest to the Democratic Party,” said Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Obama’s designated chief of staff. “It is not the reason they were made: But we are conscious of the benefits that can come from it.”

Mr. Richardson, of New Mexico, was one of three prominent elected officials from that part of the country chosen for cabinet positions, joining Gov. Janet Napolitano of Arizona, Mr. Obama’s pick to lead the Department of Homeland Security, and Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado, his choice to be Interior secretary. Mr. Richardson withdrew in the face of a federal grand jury investigation into state corruption that he said risked slowing his confirmation at a time when Mr. Obama wants to move urgently to address the deteriorating economy; there is no indication that either of the other two nominations face any trouble.

In an interview, Mr. Emanuel was quick to rattle off — apparently from memory — all the gains that Democrats had made in Congressional and Senate seats in that section of the country over the past four years. And in November, in one of the more politically significant outcomes of the election, Mr. Obama won Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico after making a huge effort there. And there is reason to believe that he might have won Arizona as well, were in not for the fact that his opponent was Senator John McCain of Arizona….”