Something Fishy With NM Democrats


The Pink Flamingo decided to start doing a little digging into the while David Rubin, Bill Richardson, CDR affair.

It reeks to the top of the high Rockies.

For the next day or so, The Pink Flamingo will be doing a little expose of what was found.  I’ve come to the conclusion that “Big Bill” was simply doing business as usual – like any other big time Democrat, the likes of Roy Romer, Ed Rendell, Al Sharpton, the DNC, and The One (elect) himself.

The probe on Big Bill’s dealings some of the top investment institutions in the US and Canada. It appears to simply be “business as usual”.

This all leads to the question of the week:

We are obviously dealing with a culture of Democratic corruption that slimes its way to the very top – to The One (elect) himself.

It is also obvious Big Bill was thrown under the Obama Bus.


Let’s face it, when we’re dealing with the Hope and Change Voter, none of this matters.  All they want is hope and change, no matter what it is. They don’t care if The One (elect) is honest or is the biggest crook to ever win an election.  It just doesn’t matter.


That’s all they care about.