The Bill Richardson Story – From Under the Obama Bus – Part III


Do you ever wonder if there are times when Barack Obama is setting up his fellow Democrats for a fall?  I’ve thought about that with the problems Bill Richardson is having.  Evidently there is now going to be a true believer pile on to destroy the man.

Once upon a time, Bill Richardson was the Hispanic Poster Child, wanted – pandered too – for the votes he could bring in.

Now he’s pond scum.

I wonder why?

NM political blogger Joe Monehan has discovered that Obama’s aides through Richardson under the bus.  I’m starting to smell a rat.

“…CNN says Obama’s aides engineered Richardson’s withdrawal, fearful of an ethics blowup. They say Richardson was “stunned.” ABC News reported that Obama’s aides claim Richardson was not “forthcoming” about the investigation. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, who broke the story, reports there was “heavy pressure” placed on Richardson by the Obama team to abandon his nomination.

“He was pushed. They missed all the cues early on. They thought it (the investigation) was less important than it’s turning out to be, or that it would get wrapped up more quickly…They realized they had a problem and in the last week there was heavy pressure on Richardson to withdraw,” reports Andrea.

Richardson’s staff insists it was the governor who initiated the withdrawal.

Why the Obama transition team did not pick up on the problems earlier is a good question. They were quick to cover their own butts when Bill was deep-sixed, but there was some obvious ball-dropping going on with the vetting process.

The withdrawal timing was done to minimize damage, coming as it did on Sunday morning. It will be a one or two day story in the national media and be gone. For that, Obama will be thankful. For Richardson it will mean less damage to his reputation than dragged out and high-profile confirmation hearings would inflict. (Obama and Richardson statements here.)…”

NM blogger Heath Haussamen has also discovered that CDR makes large contributions to a number of campaigns, and their appointment saved New Mexico millions of dollars.

David Rubin of CDR said the following:

“…David Rubin, head of CDR Financial Products, wrote in the letter that he gives to political action committees like those formed by Bill Richardson not in exchange for state business, but because he has “been an unabashed supporter of Democratic causes and public figures, especially those like Gov. Richardson, who support a liberal, inclusive agenda.”

“It is true that I have made contributions to political causes and candidates in New Mexico — including contributions directly to Bill Richardson’s gubernatorial campaign and to organizations supporting voter registration drives and other aspects of the electoral process,” Rubin wrote. “That support was given with full compliance of state and federal laws.”…”

Like other liberals, the New Mexico Independent is piling on Bill Richardson like there is no tomorrow.  Funny thing is, Why?  The only reason I’ve found for liberals to pile on one another this day and age is to protect the virtue of The One (elect).  So – this is the nasty story of the Richardson CDR Affair:

“…Many news readers in New Mexico know the story — for months federal prosecutors were looking into the awarding of a lucrative state contract to a California company, CDR Financial, that made big contributions to political action committees formed by Richardson. Specifically, prosecutors are looking for any connection between the work CDR Financial Products won in 2004 and the large political contributions that were given to two PACs started by Richardson. The investigation reportedly centers on whether staffers in Richardson’s office influenced the hiring of CDR.

One PAC, Si Se Puede! Boston 2004, was formed to pay for the governor and his staff to attend the Democratic National Convention in Boston in 2004. The other, Moving America Forward, was formed to register Latino and Native American voters in the run-up to the 2004 presidential election.

In 2003 and 2004, CDR Financial gave $75,000 to Richardson’s political action committee Si Se Puede! and the company’s head, David Rubin, gave $25,000 to Moving America Forward, another Richardson PAC.

According to numerous reports, in 2004 CDR made $1.48 million advising a small state agency on interest-rate swaps and restructuring escrow funds for the state’s special $1.6 billion transportation program known as GRIP, short for Governor Richardson’s Investment Partnership….”