We Are So Screwed


I have been holding on to my cockeyed optimism since the election, giving The One (elect) as much benefit of the doubt as I could do without losing my mind.

Well, the end is near.  We’re doomed.  We’re screwed.  The sky is falling and I can’t get up! Woe is me!

The David Rubin episode is just another in a series of debacles.  I think the object of kicking Big Bill Richardson under the bus was to hide his own involvement in receiving Rubin’s money.  To me it simply confirmed what I’ve thought of The One (elect) all along.

Unfortunately we’re dealing with a man who is nothing but pure ambition in an empty suit.  His recent pick for CIA and Surgeon General simply prove my point.  There is nothing inside of Barack Obama but abject ambition.

This is a man who will do anything to win.  He will screw anyone, literally and figuratively.  It doesn’t matter who he hurts or turns on, or why.  All that matters is his ambition full-filled.  Nothing else matters – nothing.

We’re dealing with a Democratic Party where the elected officials have become so corrupt, they don’t even bother hiding it.  The media is complacent with them.  If their corruption were to be exposed, it might reflect poorly on The One (anointed).

Factor in the his adoring fan base, and things look very dark, indeed.

It doesn’t matter what he has done or will do.  The media will cover up for him.  His adoring fans will vote for him.

Once upon a time I thought the media would quit picking on GWB, and leave him alone.  I fully expect them to blame each and every one of The One (anointed)’s mistakes on Bush.

We are living in treacherous times.

I once thought we might be able to survive The One (anointed), but I’m not sure.  There is no end to his ambition.  Let’s face it, nothing else matters but his desires.

Kinda reminds me of a few of those more corrupt Roman Emperors.

Seriously, how much longer will the Democrats be allowed to get away with their corruption and not be held accountable.  If Republicans tried even a minute percentage of the things Democrats did, we would be a party no more.

Why do Republicans require honor, honesty, and accountability?

Why do the Democrats simply turn a blind eye to the abject corruption that is their party?

Are all Democrats corrupt?

Are all their supporters corrupt?

If they are not, why do they continue to support such abject corruption?