B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G: Mommy Cat Delivering Kittens – In Distress



Mommy Cat and Baby Hoss
Mommy Cat and Baby Hoss

Late last night Mommy Cat started acting strange, crying like she was in heat.  I’ve noticed after a few litters that she picks out someone to help her with the delivery.  Unfortunately she decided 6 month old Hoss was going to play mid-wife.

She and Rumsfeld fought all evening – viciously.  Mommy Cat got the best of him, repeatedly.

Her water broke about 1:30AM or so.

By that time I was downstairs in bed, reading.  She wanted to go up under the hassock – her usual birthing location, but Rumsfeld was such a horror, and poor little Hoss was so upset, I had to separate everyone.

She and Rumsfeld started fighting in the doorway of my bedroom.

I basically shut her out, and kept Rums and Hoss in my bedroom.

I had a ground total of 1 hour sleep.

Rumsfeld sat by the door, crying, all night.

I gave up on sleeping about 5AM.

When we went up to the guest room to get dressed (I have Altar Guild at 7AM, he has Poodle Parlor) he found the kittens.  I did not know she had delivered and locked her out of the guest room.  He sat by the corner where the kittens were.

She spent quite a bit of time on the litter box.  I noticed leakage all over the white tile dressing room floor.

When I opened the door she shot inside and I heard the kittens.  There are at least 2, one of them quite loud.

It took forever to get Rumsfeld out of the room.

Mommy Cat now has the pet gate baracade placed so that Rumsfeld will leave her alone.  She is coming and going over the barrier.  I suspect she is moving the family down to my bedroom, which means I move back up to the guest room for about a week.

She is still crying.

She is still too “pregnant” looking.

She may be okay, but I don’t like how upset she is.

I know we have at least 2 live kittens.


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  1. We will send lots of purrs for Momma Cat an tha noo kittens and hope that was all.
    We’s also purring that you can get in a nap this affernoon.

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