BREAKING: Patrick Swyaze Hospitalized with Pneumonia


From what I gather, Patrick Swayze has 2 years – if he is lucky.  Having the cancer he has and contracting pneumonia is not good.

I have a cousin dealing with cancer.  He must be so careful – any little bug, even bad meat, could be fatal.

“…”Patrick has asked that I tell you that this morning he checked himself into the hospital for observation,” said DeBitetto. “Chemotherapy can take its toll on the immune system, and illnesses are a part of that. Patrick wishes me to tell you that he’s very sorry he cannot attend, but plans to get back to promoting `The Beast’ soon.”…”


One thought on “BREAKING: Patrick Swyaze Hospitalized with Pneumonia

  1. I just keep watching Patrick, Hoping he can beat this. He got sick around the same time as my husband. My husband lasted two months. I’m hoping and praying you can beat this Patrick.

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