We Are So Screwed – Part II – Medical – Financial


The other night I emailed a friend and told him just go send all of his money to Nancy Pelosi and just get it over with.  Evidently I wasn’t all that wrong.  She wants to raise taxes on the wealthy.  I gather there will be enough exemptions to keep her family from forking over any of their money.

According to the Times of London, The One (elect) plans to spend a good 60 billion or so on socialized medicine medical insurance.

“…Barack Obama’s ambitious plan to provide every American with health insurance, the first attempt since Hillary Clinton’s effort as First Lady ended in disaster 15 years ago, officially began yesterday on Capitol Hill.

Tom Daschle, the former Democratic Senate leader and the man tasked by Mr Obama to spearhead the push for health care reform, appeared before the US Senate as the first confirmation hearings for Mr Obama’s incoming Cabinet began.

Mr Daschle, nominated to become health secretary, is expected to easily win confirmation. But his task in getting hugely expensive health care legislation through Congress, even as Mr Obama tries to win quick passage of a separate $775 billion economic rescue plan, will prove far more difficult. The health care plan will cost at least $60 billion a year if it is passed.

More than 46 million Americans are without health insurance. According to the Commonwealth Fund, a Washington-based charity aimed at improving health care for individuals, the US ranks last among 19 industrialised nations in health care efficiency and quality….”