We’re Screwed – Part IV – I Want My NASA Back!


Evidently James Earl Obama plans to turn NASA from the world’s premier space agency into a two bit green machine where questionable and psuedo-science take precident over real science and space exploration.   The idiots who are part of the transition team for NASA, and subjected to a very rare Neil Armstrong scolding, want a scientist to run NASA.

Houston we have a problem!

Mike Griffin, who does not appear to appreciate The One (elect) will resign effective January 20.

Once Upon a Time engineers were in charged.  I think that was when we went to the moon, etc.

Talk about shades of James Earl Carter, who gutted NASA to the point where it has never recovered:

“…Space News reports that a new name has emerged in the NASA administrator sweepstakes: Earth scientist Charles Kennel. Kennel is Distinguished Professor at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, where he also served a term as the institute’s director. He is also chair of the Space Studies Board of the National Academies. He is not a stranger to NASA: he served as associate administrator for Mission to Planet Earth in the mid-90s and also served on the NASA Advisory Council from 1998 to 2006, including a term as chair from 2001 to 2005. Kennel resigned from the NAC in 2006 at the same time two other members, both scientists, were asked to leave the NAC.

Why Kennel? A source “with ties to the NASA transition team” told Space News that the incoming administration has a preference for a “distinguished scientist” to lead the agency, mirroring picks already announced for other positions, including Noble laureate Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy. Kennel would qualify as a distinguished scientist, it would seem, and would set him apart from a number of other non-scientist candidates, including one favorite from earlier this week, Charles Bolden. (Kennel, who turns 70 later this year, would also be one of the oldest NASA administrators.) Less clear is his stance on some key issues, like the exploration architecture, as well as his skills as a manager and leader….”