THE GREAT CAT SOAP OPERA: 2009 Mommy Cat Update


Thanks go to the wonderful cats and humans at the Catblogsphere for their kindness and interest in Mommy Cat and the little ones.

Mommy Cat is doing much better.  If I were pregnant as often as is she, I’d be upset too.  We’re going to make a few changes in the next couple of months, trust me.  I swear this is our last litter.

The babies are in my guest closet.  From the sound of it there are at least 4.  She seems to end up with about 4 in a litter.  If she is true to form, I have a dead kitten somewhere in the guest room nursery.  She always loses one per litter.  They sound loud, but I’ve come to learn that the loudest of the kittens are sometimes the least healthy ones.

I’m glad they are in the nursery.  I can close things off in there and keep it quiet.  If I can keep her quiet and undisturbed for a week, we will be doing good.  If Mommy Cat remains true to form, maybe she will keep the kittens in the closet until their eyes are open.  I can keep Rumsfeld away from them where they are now, and that’s always a good thing.

Anyway, Mommy Cat has settled down.  I honestly think she did not want to be a mommy again.  But, she is the best mother cat I’ve ever seen, and considering life with the great Calico for 17 years, that’s saying a lot.

And so, I begin asking the ages old question:  Anyone want a kitten?  (references required)

As an aside, Hoss Cartwright should not be too comfortable this weekend.  His days before the “big snip” are numbered.  I think he is claws-trophobic.  I’m going to borrow Martina’s little cage and put him in that, and cross my fingers.  We also have a tranq to take.  I think we’ll split it.


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  1. Glad to hear all is well and the kittens are healthy and loud. Hopefully this will be the last litter for Mommy Cat. I’ll bet she’ll jump in the PTU to go for her ladygarden-ectomy.

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