The Obama UFO Connection


I’m picking up rumors and blog headlines around the UFO community that The One (elect) is going to open the floodgate on UFO files.

There is this feeling I’m getting from the liberal UFO sorts that they are viewing The One (elect) as the annointed one who is going to bring illumination to the world, waiting for the salvation from UFO’s.  Along this line there are some strange UFO stories circulating.


Turbine Attack in the UK?

The rumor is that The One is going to release all the pent-up UFO information – and thereby save the galaxy.


2 thoughts on “The Obama UFO Connection

  1. I doubt it. He is already showing the signs of grey all Presidents get when they (the keepers of the knowledge) tell the current President about the treaty with Aliens – you know the one where they grab some free range people food in exchange for technology. They won’t risk open panic. Sleep with your tin-foil hat. I really have enjoyed reading your blog today. I was doing Cat Massacre research and you have some really nice pieces. I will have to stop in again. I like your “voice” informative with just a little of mom sarcasm mixed with Cute History teacher. The new pages load faster than the archives and they are easy to Navigate. Thanks for sharing the 411.

  2. Andrew Wyeth, some how know some thing about UFO or so it was rumors that he had an brief encounter in the 50s.He illustrated his experience in his painting.

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