Weekend Science Links (Good Stuff)


There are rocks on Mars that are moving.  I might be inclined to join some sort of alien hype except for the fact that we have the same thing here on this planet.  They say the ones on Mars were moved because of dust devils (my first novel has the title Dust Devil). The one in Death Valley move due to other

Have you heard the one about the problems a “stable” sun could create?

How much longer are we going to be subjected to the abject stupidity of global warming?  Let’s face it, we’re dealing with a religion instead of a science.

The Mystery of Lake Ngozi

The scary giant shrew

Killer Stars?

Then there is a catastrophic solar flare predicted by 2012.  One simple way of preventing destruction is simply to turn off the power grids at the source.  That’s all that is necessary.  Let’s just hope the idiots in charge comprehend such a simple solution.