Class My … (Democratic Mascot) Jack Ass…(Sorry) Donkey


The Coronation Inauguration of James Earl Obama is reported to be the most elaborate in history.  In other-words, the upstarts are running the insane asylum.

Why are Wall Street Executives the biggest donors to The One (elect)’s expensive coronation Inauguration?

The Imperial Presidency will begin in the cold, but but not  historic cold. That’s good.  They’re probably going to end up forcing the idiots who are there to observe the anointing of The One (elect) to strip naked in order for perfect security.  I’m expecting it.

Then there is all that money.

According to the Obots, history demands he make a great speech.  Oh, he will, copying from half a dozen previous sources.

I was always taught that there are times when less is more – unless one is dealing with buying shoes.  Yes, I know I am a snob.  But one of the things I’ve always found to be true is that the only people who really must put on an ostentatious show are the recently rich and powerful.

It’s an upstart thing.

The Obama’s are acting like low-life upstarts who have had nothing – and are heading on up to the big time – Okay, the Obama supporters are doing so, with his blessing.

It’s tacky.

It lacks class.

Remember all those tacky stories about Hillary Clinton terrorizing the White House staff? I have a feeling Michelle is going to make her look like a new born kitten before it’s over. (Okay, I’ve heard stories about her – and how badly she treats people).

We all know the upstart Obamas will never be as gracious as the Bush family.

We’re talking pure arrogance.

After all – he is The One!

The most elaborate Inauguration in history is also going to be “green” – translated – it will cost more.  And, once again James Earl Obama is being compared to James Earl Carter, his name-sake.

“…”Not only are we committed to holding an inauguration that is the most open and accessible in history,” said Linda Douglass, chief spokeswoman for Obama’s inaugural committee, “but we are also committed to making sure that it is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.”

The Environmental Protection Agency has provided a liaison to the Presidential Inaugural Committee to advise on “best practices”—a first, Douglass said.

“We’re obviously not going to have paper towels in the bathroom,” said Shelley Cohen, helping organize the event featuring Gore, who shared a Nobel Peace Prize for efforts in preventing climate change. “We’re going to have air dryers.”

“Making the inaugural balls as low-energy and low-carbon as possible won’t stop global warming, but it is a very important symbol about the direction of the incoming administration,” said Dan Weiss, director of climate strategy for the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank.

To reduce the inauguration’s carbon footprint, attendees are being encouraged to carpool or ride public transit, even in evening gowns and tuxedos. If they must drive, they are being encouraged to drive a hybrid vehicle or buy carbon offsets.

Organizers of a number of balls plan to use energy-efficient lighting. But no one has figured out a way to hook up to a wind turbine exhibit on display near the U.S. Capitol.

“Downtown D.C. is hardly an optimal place for a wind turbine,” said Ron Stimmel of the American Wind Energy Association.

Some of the floats in the inaugural parade are being recycled from past parades, including a 60-foot-long, 24-foot-tall American flag float built for Ronald Reagan’s 1985 inauguration.

Jimmy Carter made an attempt to be eco-friendly during his inauguration: The White House reviewing stand was supposed to be solar-heated. It did not work out as planned, said Albert Nason, archivist at the Jimmy Carter Library. Rosalynn Carter wrote: “Though it is supposedly a solar booth, something has happened to the sun this day and the booth’s heater doesn’t work.”…”

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