Jim Rice Finally Makes It!

Hall of Famer Jim Rice!
Hall of Famer Jim Rice!

I lived near enough to Anderson, SC, that Jim Rice was the “home-town” player who made good.   I have been waiting for 15 years to hear the words, “Jim Rice has been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame!”

“Jim Rice has (finally) been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame!”

Only Hank Aaron, Jimmie Foxx, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Stan Musial, Mel Ott, Babe Ruth, and the greatest player who ever lived, had both a career batting average and home run total higher than does HALL OF FAMER Jim Rice!

From the Boston Globe:

“…Jim Rice was watching his soap operas on television this afternoon, like he always does. At 1:10 p.m., he decided he would call Red Sox media relations director Pam Ganley. He wanted to ask her if she knew whether or not he was in the Hall of Fame.

Then he put the phone down. No, not right now, he thought. He had waited 15 years. What was a few more minutes?

At 1:17, his phone rang. “It’s either good, or it’s bad,” Rice said. “‘I’m sorry,’ or ‘You’re in the Hall of Fame.’ ”

It was the news he has long been awaiting. Jack O’Connell, representing the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, informed Rice he was a Hall of Famer….”

P. S. Rickey Hinderson also made it.

Now, we just need to get Tim Raines in there.