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I have a feeling you are doing the same thing as am I, wringing your hands and thinking about things you can do to help James Earl Obama down the yellow brick road of electoral defeat in 2 years. We all are.

Perhaps we are making this a bit too difficult.

Maybe we need to stop wringing our hands and looking for new leaders and do something about it.

We need to stop denigrating the GOP and start trying to improve it, from the bottom up, not the top down.

We need to stand as one.  Those who embrace the hard line, and are NOT actual Republicans need to be exposed. Third parties CANNOT win elections.  Third parties throw elections over to the enemy.  Conservatives need to shut up about “teaching Republicans a lesson” and start trying to improve things, not destroy things.

The fact that the reason we lost in 2006, and why needs to be faced. There are conservatives like Laura Ingraham who either need to acknowledge that they are part of the problem or be marginalized.  Ultra right wing bloggers like Michelle Malkin need to also be marginalized.  Like Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter, she does more harm than good. Somehow Rush Limbaugh needs to listen to reason and stop worshipping a false Reagan and pay attention to who the man actually was.

Ronald Reagan once said that anyone who agreed with him 80% of the time was not his enemy but his friend. Conservatives who are calling for purges, purity, and witch-hunts within the GOP need to listen to this.  They also need to face the fact they must shoulder much of the blame for our losses.

You cannot win elections with rancor.

You win elections by standing together, shutting up when necessary, and fighting for anyone who agrees with you 80% of the time.

Are we diluting our effectiveness with all this “social blogging”?

Yea, yea it allegedly helped James Earl Obama to win, but did it really.  Let’s be hones about the fact that the media did more to elect James Earl Obama than any other interest group. They own him.  They are responsible for him.  They will go down with him.  And – they will destroy anyone who appears to be a threat to him.  They have a vested interest in him – and cannot admit their mistake. Therefore Sarah Palin is evil and must be destroyed.

We must be ready to defend Sarah Palin.

But there is more – much more.

Maybe we are making our biggest mistake by sitting around, wringing our hands and crying that the sky is falling and we need a leader.  It is possible one of the greatest problems the GOP faces is the fact that there are too many followers and not enough leaders.


It is time for us to stop complaining, put our money where our big mouths are, and do, not just talk, emote, or blog. We need to get involved from the bottom up – working within our local GOP counties and Congressional districts.

If your local Congressperson is a Democrat become their worst enemy. Take the battle to them.  Remember, they are basically cowards who can be bullied into action. Become that bully. Organize local opposition – enough to terrify them into believing they will lose if they bail.

We must re-embrace “We the people” and start acting like citizen patriots.  We must remind our elected officials that we are their employers and they serve at our will – not the other way around.  Start acting like the boss – locally.

I think we make a mistake at times by playing national politics and blogging about them – constantly.  I love the national scene, but right now, the only way we are going to survive as a nation is for us to remember the Spirit of 1776.   Get out there and fight – but don’t go off Third Party or full of hate.  Be willing to work with the country clubers, the crazies, the religious right, the anti-abortion bunch, and the right.  Work with the middle.  We are all in this together.

We cannot win as a party by marginalizing people who do not bow to Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, or John Tanton. Those are NOT leaders – they are followers.  Perhaps the real problem out there is that no one is willing to stand up and tell the talking radio heads to shut up and listen for a change – and get with the agenda.

The agenda is survival as a free Republic.  We cannot survive is everyone is running around crying that the end is near. We only survive by standing up as a group and fighting.

You can break a single stick, but bind them into a bundle and try breaking them.  Some sticks are short, some tall.  Some are thin, some thick.  There are some with thorns, and some very smooth. Individually those sticks can be broken.  Bound together they are strong – powerful.

The way Karl Rove won for GWB was local. The way James Earl Obama won was local. We need to go back and take over our local communities, county councils, state houses, Congressional Districts, etc. We MUST learn how to appeal to a majority of people, not a select minority who agree 100% of the time.

As little kids, we were taught how to work with others.  If we cannot work well and play well with others, we cannot survive. We must look for the good in people who agree with us 80% of the time. To expect ideological purity is un-reasonable.  It is a recipe for continued loss.

What I heard coming out of the mouth of Rush Limbaugh on Friday sickened me.  He is no more interested in rebuilding the GOP and coming up with a winning agenda than he is giving up expensive cigars. He denounced the GOP and basically set the stage for continued loss and marginalization. You cannot win elections by embracing the far right.  It is a political loser.

Ronald Reagan did not embrace the FAR right.  He ignored it.  They denounced him.  They are the saem people who are creating the most mischief for the GOP today. They are not Republicans.  They are a bunch of losers who can profit more by disagreement, factions, and third party madness than they can by being responsible Republican adults.

It is completely unreasonable to expect our elected Republican officials to embrace an agenda that will destroy their chances of re-election in their home districts or states. To demand behavior from these people is simply stupid.  People act out of self-preservation.  The problem with conservatives today is the fact that they can only see RONALD REAGAN. They forget that Reagan was the first person to embrace these people and work with them.  They are ignoring the lessons of Reagan with their epitaphs of RINO, and their spewing hatred of these people.

It makes us look bad.

It is a losing proposition.

It is unreasonable.

It is against human nature.

It consigns the GOP to a minority status – forever.

Or, is that what people like Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Richard Viguerie, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, and their followers really want?

I’m sick of it.

I am a Republican.

If no one else is going to stand up and do what is necessary to re-take the Hill and the White House, then by golly, I’ll do it myself.  You can stand around wringing your hands, listening to the talking Radio-heads, and crying that the end is near, or you can join me.

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