Obama Has No Spiritual Center


If any move proves The One (elect) has no real spiritual center it is the use of  Gene Robinson, the Gay Bishop Poster Boy Gone Bad of the Episcopal Church as part of his coronation festivities.

I’m finally mad.

I’m furious.

I know I should not be – considering the source.

Eugene Robinson is a one man wrecking crew, a walking Anglican Civil War.  He has done as much to harm the Episcopal Church as Bishop Spong.

He is a violation of all the rules and regulations of the Episcopal Church.

You see, in the Episcopal Church, if a priest is living with someone outside of marriage, they are asked to resign or take a leave of absence.  If they divorce because they are the ones committing adultery, they are asked to either resign or take a leave of absence. This is the reason the Episcopal Church in Lincoln County is without a rector, so I know the rules.

Like Barack Obama, or a good Democrat, the rules to not aply to Gene Robinson, who was openly living with his gay lover, and committing adultry because he was still married to his wife.

He also has a problem with adult beverages and has been confied to dry out at least once.  That too could cause problems for a “normal” Episcopalian Priest.

But – the rules do not apply to Eugene Robinson.

The “Openly Gay Bishop”.

I don’t give a rip if he is gay or straight.  It is the way all the rules were thrown out in order to insure his election as the Bishop of New Hampshire.  If he had been quietly living a gay life, not shacking up with his lover, and not running around on his wife, I could deal with it.  But – in order to put him in a position of leadership, almost every rule and regulation regarding the behavior of Episcopalian Priests was trashed.

This one man, this “openly gay Bishop” is the source of all the heart-ache in the Episcopal Church.  He has turned members of parishes against one another.  He has turned one church against another.  He has caused good people to leave the Episcopal Church.  He has held our denomination up to public redicule.

He has ruined lives.  He has caused good, decent priests to leave our church.  He is splitting our church. And – he doesn’t give a damn – as long as HIS NEEDS are being met.

If he loved the Episcopal Church he would walk away and let the healing begin before it is destroyed.  Instead, he does everything in his power to cause more harm and more heart-ache.

This is the man Barack Obama chooses as an advisor on gay issues.

And now the usual conservative pile-on against the Episcopal Church will begin.  Episcopalians will be denounced and proclaimed to be evil because we don’t leave our church and bond with something else. The usual vultures from the conservative Anglican Diocese in Africa will descend and will make even more trouble.

Thanks a lot – Mr. Obama.  You’ve managed to prove to me exactly the kind of shallow, self-serving,  narcissist you are.

We’re screwed.