The NAACP, Fashion, and Cultural Stupidity


I have a commentary at Blog Critics about Mr. Edward Vaughn of the Alabama NAACP.  On Tuesday, Mr. Vaughn demanded that the Mobile Azalea Trail Maids be pulled from the Inaugural Parade because of their anti-bellum costume.  It seems that Mr. Vaughn is under the impression that ONLY women who were part of the slave-owning culture of the pre-Civil War South wore the very full skirts of the age.

Nothing annoys me more than cultural and historical STUPIDITY.

There is no excuse for Mr. Vaughn’s abject ignorance except for the fact that he is either completely uneducated or he is basically ignoring the historical record for his own political agenda. Is the man that abjectly un-learned that he does not realize civilized women the world over wore the style that is mistakenly called “anti-bellum”?

My Blog Critics article details a brief history of the style and who wore it.  There is nothing worse than manipulating the lives of 50 innocent teenage girls who want nothing more than to do something good for their community.  Mr. Vaughn seems to think that by wearing their adorable Azalea Trail Maid dresses, the girls are going to be the laughing stock of the Inauguration.

I think Mr. Vaughn Needs to look in the mirror.

As for the girls, the dresses aren’t about slavery, the Civil War, or Scarlet O’Hara.  It is all about Cinderella.

It’s about the dress.

It’s a chick thing.

I don’t expect a narrow minded twit like Mr. Vaughn to even comprehend the fantasy of the dress.