The Real Bill Richardson


On Saturday a source filled me in on some backgournd information about “Big Bill” Richardson.  It is not pretty.  He has close, personal ties with one of the most powerful criminal, political, narco-kings in all of Mexico.

My source is thrilled over the fact that “Big Bill” may go down over the pay for play scandal.  I told her of all his corruption, this one may not be “true”.

John Dendahl, yet another GOP losing candidate, has a guest column on NM political blogger (and Democrat) Heath Haussaman’s blog.  I don’t know how much you can rely on Dendahl.  Frankly, I had to hold my nose to vote for him two years ago, and would rather not have done so.  He comes with his own baggage, trust me.

Basically we’re talking business as usual in New Mexico, be it Democrat or Republican.  The state is truly suffering after the loss, several years ago, of GOP Icon, Joe Skeen.  His loss left a massive black hole in the middle of the party that they just can’t seem to repair.

We’re dealing with a state where there are no campaign ethics laws.  There are no laws governing corruption or donations.  It’s basically the “wild west”.   I don’t quite find Dendahl an unbiased source, so read it for what it’s worth.

Getting back to “Big Bill” – Dendahl wrote the following:

“…The candidate I replaced on the ballot in 2006 had been severely hampered in fundraising on account of potential donors’ fear of retribution, reportedly including actual warnings to some. I was confident from my more than eight years’ chairing the state Republican Party and raising a great deal of money that I could get past that. Well, maybe not, as it turned out.

Among my finance director’s first calls for support was to a close friend, a Republican real estate developer long prominent in the Albuquerque business community. She asked if he and his wife would host a fundraising event. He called back promptly the following day to report that, much as he and his wife wished I could become governor, they couldn’t face the risk of Richardson’s retaliation when their name(s) showed up on public records as my supporters.

I couldn’t believe my ears when she reported this to me. So in a few days I called this friend. He not only confirmed, but reported a conversation that morning at a breakfast meeting of the Economic Forum (an association of Albuquerque business leaders) during which others had expressed the same intention: Let someone else support Dendahl and bear the consequences meted out by our ruthless governor.

Ditto Hobbs in Lea County, an oil and gas producing area in the Permian Basin. Nearly all local officeholders are Republicans, and George W. Bush won decisively there in 2000 and 2004. However, I was told going in by a locally-prominent close friend that I would be able to raise zilch: Reportedly, Richardson’s local enforcer and the chairman of his State Transportation Commission had the word out that economically important local activities — a horse-racing track/casino operation, a private prison, highway building and a budding uranium enrichment plant — could all be hurt by any showing of financial support for Richardson’s opponent. That well was dry…”

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7 thoughts on “The Real Bill Richardson

  1. Hey there! I didn’t read it, because it is harder to get out bad info than it is to get it inside my pea brain. I read so many things that I’m afraid I wouldn’t remember which I read with a warning and which I read with no warning. Actually, I don’t read much on Richardson. lol. I just wanted to stop by and say hi. I did read what you wrote, you poor thing! No ethics and no campaign limits? Hmm. Maybe I’ll move there! LOL

  2. Oh, that came out wrong. What I meant by that is I do not approve of stifling political speech, and that is why I like the no limits on speech. The ethics part? I have to answer to God. I don’t have to worry to anyone here. God doesn’t allow me to bear false witness.

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