Andrew Wyeth, Dies at 91


I never met the great American artist, Andrew Wyeth.  I feel like I have, though, through his nephew and a very good friend, Michael Hurd.

The son of Henriette Wyeth and world renown artist Peter Hurd, Micheal is considered, by those of us who know and love his work, to be the best artist his amazing family has ever produced.  He’s also the one who is constantly “over-looked” which is a crime against art.

I know how much Michael loved his uncle.

I saw Michael about 2 weeks ago.  I’d just left the ER after dealing with my mother.  I was going into the local health food store.  I was crossing the parking lot when some idiot pulled up behind me honking the horn.  When I finally turned around and saw it was Michael, I told him just to go ahead and hit me and put me out of my misery!

Michael is a wonderful artist and a good friend.