Kid Gets Tongue Stock on Metal Pole


Yep – some kid tried it – and succeeded.

2ND UPDATE:  Just talked to my sister.  She tried it. She said she and Patti tried sticking their tongues on a bunch of things one day when it was very cold.  She said it is very painful and does not recommend it.

UPDATE:  My father and one of his buddies tried this when they were kids, so it is nothing new.

FYI – You put Lipton’s tea bags on a bleeding tongue.  Trust me, I know.  My mother had a Coumadin bleed. You dampen the tea bag and apply it to the tongue until it stops bleeding, which takes forever.

He did it on a dare.

“…Acting on a friend’s dare — no word if it was the dreaded Triple Dog—a 10-year-old Hammond boy stuck his tongue on a cold metal pole Wednesday night in a scene straight from the 1983 growing-up-in-Hammond classic, “A Christmas Story.”

The boy got himself unstuck, police said, and walked, tongue bleeding, with his friend into Shortstops Bar & Grill, where workers gave him a clean towel to help stanch the bleeding, said Sherry Huber, a bartender there. A cook comforted the child until paramedics and the boy’s parents arrived.

“Tell the kid—I feel bad for you,” said Scott Schwartz, the actor who played Flick in the film’s iconic flagpole scene. “Didn’t he see the movie? Did he not see the pain involved?…”

What I can’t imagine is the fact that people are “shocked” that some dingy kid would not try this at home.  Kids are kids.  This one succeeded.


NOTE:  I seem to remember that once upon a time my sister, Cathy,  and her best friend, Patti, tried this. I am attempting to get home of them and confirm that there was an attempt.  I know they did not succeed because it was never cold enough where we grew up in SC.