No Room in the Inn….(sorry) in the Port-a-Potty


There are Pink Flamingo readers who may think that I am a very self-righteous individual when it comes to my Christian faith.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  In fact, I’ve been known to be a bit irreverent at times.

This is one of those times.

I have always been of the opinion that the Good Lord has a very healthy sense of humor.  How else could you explain the Human Race?

Thus said, there are times when He allows an expression of Universal Karma that can only be written off as His Sense of Humor.

This is one of those times.

Two thousand years ago, God’s Only Begotten Son was born in a “humble” manger in a stable, there being no room in the inn. This was in response to two things.  First it was an answer to prophesy.  Secondly, Joseph, in his infinite Male Wisdom did not bother to make reservations at a decent hotel, thus Mary was forced to deliver in that stable, which is actually a cave.

As an aside, one can only imagine the conversation.  It would be terse.  Picture the nasal voice of Fran Drescher.  “Joseph, did you write ahead for reservations?”

“We don’t need them.  I know someone, who has a place…”

“Joseph, I am going to have this baby very soon. I am not going to give birth in the street, or better yet, a…a…barn.”

“Do you think I know how to do anything right?”

“All I asked…”

“I know what I’m doing.”

And thus ends the story of why Christ was born in a manger.  It is the eternal story of a man thinking he could avoid making reservations. It is a mistake that will be repeated many many times by my father during the course of my parents’ 57 (and counting) year marriage.

And also thusly we know that the Son of God was a carpenter. In those days a carpenter was not a humble job, but something like a Hebrew version of Better Homes and Gardens. In a world denuded of wood, only the most wealthy of patrons could afford anything made of wood, including the Emperor himself. Get the picture – we’re talking Martha Steward upscale here.

But, this Carpenter, the Son of God, was rejected by his world.  He was rejected by his people.  He was rejected by the government.  Very few people even bothered to consider him The One – the Messiah.


Now let’s compare the People’s Anointed messiah – The One (elect).  He is hailed by one and all as the next coming of The Thing.

In the ultimate commentary about this false messiah, there are not enough toilets to go around on the day he is to be crowned ruler of the universe.

The real Messiah found no room in the inn.  The false messiah finds no room in the toilet.

Nothing could be more appropriately perfect.

Nothing could be more prophetic.  The false messiah is leaving his worshiping supporters without a pot to pee in – just like he’s going to do the rest of us.

Yes, there is a God.

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5 thoughts on “No Room in the Inn….(sorry) in the Port-a-Potty

  1. “In a world denuded of wood…”

    What? The cedars of Lebanon (and Syria and northern Israel) were chop suey?

    The Caucasus provided much of the wood used in building the huge merchant and military fleets of the Roman Empire; Lebanon, Syria and northern Israel (Gallilee, etc.) provided woods for common carpentry and even cabinet making. Heck, many folks were still using wooden plows and many, many other implements, dishes and tools made of wood because it was more common and less expensive than bronze or iron, and even in many cases pottery.

    The first century A.D. was not the 21st century, and climatic and environmental circumstances were different then. For one thing, it was warmer and so (relative to previous centuries) it was a much “greener” era in many ways–better growing seasons, better harvests and yes, more extensive forestation.

    Just a minor quibble (but one to bang members of The Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming over the head with: warmer–for a few centuries–then than now, so where was the flooding from ice caps melting, etc.? There are still ancient stone warfs built in the first century that are used today. Similar comparisons can be made to the Medieval Climate Optimum, but now I’ve wandered way, way too far afield, eh? :-)).

    Rest of post, no quibbles.

    “No room in the porta-potty!” What a great line to great The Obamassiah’s overflow of B.S. with!

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