The New Emperor’s New Clothes Channeling Rufus T. Firefly


No wonder Oprah is aflutter over The One (elect).  Not only is he going to make the sky bluer, clean the oceans, end pollution, cool down global warming, but now he’s channeling Lincoln.  Fortunately I’m not the only person who thinks this is more than a little weird.

“…We’re quite literally shutting down DC next Tuesday for him. All day. In fact, roads are already closing in anticipation of his inaugural. There are concerts going on this weekend. He’ll be sworn in at noon Tuesday, have a parade that lasts almost until dark, and have fancy ball after fancy ball going into the wee hours of the night. How much adulation does this guy need?…”

Don’t deny that you do not know the old tale.  The smart you know what tailor makes a new suit for the Emperor, who parades around in his birthday suit.  Everyone oohs and aahs about it until a little kid starts laughing at him for being naked.

I wonder how long it is going to take for a member of the liberal press establishment to suddenly open blinded eyes and start hooting with laughter and opine, “Barak Obama is naked!”

No, not literally naked.  If he were that, half the liberal press would be swooning with lust.  No, I’m talking about his policy, his experience, and his bull s#@$.

Actually, Barack Obama reminds me of Rufus T. Firefly

Barack Obama = Rufus T. Firefly

Barack Obama reminds me of an upstart, nothing, who comes from nothing, who basically is nothing to succeeds beyond his wildest fantasies. Now he is channeling Lincoln.  Wait, that works.  Lincoln was basically the same way. Barack Obama is an officious little dolt who is trying to act important.  By trying to act important he proves just how little and pathetic he really is.  It is shameless self promotion beyond definition of self-promotion while he consorts with our enemies.

So when does The One (elect) begin claiming to be the reincarnation of Lincoln?  Trust me, it’s a comin’.

Let’s face it, the adulation is never going to end.  Is anyone going to mention that he is making a fool out of himself over his coronation inauguration?

Why is The One (elect) allowing his followers to desecrate the US Flag?

Speaking of clothes, we are told that the world is gushing over Michelle’s “style”. Okay, what style? She has none. If she doesn’t do something to improve the way she dresses, she’s going to be a disgrace to the White House.  Oh, we’re to gush.  Class my you know what!

Then The One (elect) has already started organizing for his re-election campaign.  Pleuz! Or the way it was put in the National Review:

“…The proposal is now starting to sound like what happens when project meetings get out of control. “They’ll help elect Democrats to Congress! And they’ll pressure wavering lawmakers! And, hey, what if we promised they’ll mobilize in natural disasters! And they could fight crime! And they’ll have special uniforms!” …”

Psst….the emperor is naked!

Is this what we’re in for – another 4 years of the cult of self-promotion?  Or, are we going to be in for an endless, never ceasing cult of The One (elect) when the morons Democrats, in the House and Senate, vote to repeal the 22nd Amendment?

Are we about to see The One (elect) made President for Life?

Psst…the emperor is naked!

When is it safe to say the only reason The One (elect) was elected is because of his racial identity and no other reason?

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2 thoughts on “The New Emperor’s New Clothes Channeling Rufus T. Firefly

  1. “… succeeds beyond his wildest fantasies. Now he is channeling Lincoln. Wait, that works. Lincoln was basically the same way.”

    Indeed, Mr Lincoln’s primary goal was expansion of the central government’s power far, far beyond what the Founders considered healthy or proper (“central government” because the Founders’ republic Mr Lincoln sought to obliterate–NOT preserve–was a federal government, not the central power Mr Lincoln sowed the seeds of on the carcass of the Founders’ federal republic).

    Mr Lincoln was indeed successful far beyond his wildest expectations, for what he bequeathed us is the current “feddle gummint” for which the Founders’ Constitution is nothing more than a bag of words to twist to its own end.

    Ket us fervently hope that Mr Obama is less successful in destroying what little is left of the ruins of the republic Mr Lincoln left behind him.

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