When (alleged) “Hate” Is Not Hate, But Opinion


Awhile back I wrote an article about the atheist assault on Christians.  Since that time I’ve received a few interesting comments from irate atheists who obviously have way too much time on their hands. Let’s face the fact that one of the aspects of blogging is being read.  You write to be read and to expand your audience.  This said, I’ve though very little about the ongoing comments by these well-meaning, and very kind hearted, loving atheists, who have turned my piece into an assault upon them.

It is all rather fascinating.

Any comment made about the “atheist” religion (and it is a religion) that does not agree 150% with their version of “truth” is HATE.  In fact, their comments that I am filled with hatred against them is getting worse. Aside from proving they know absolutely nothing about me, and nothing about the fact that Christians are cautioned not to hate and to forgive, I’m beginning to be a bit alarmed by their comments.

This is part of one comment:

“…Then why do you? Your entire article is an exercise in hate. This is why atheists not only consider Christians to be hateful, but to also be liars. Your piece is condescending hypocracy which is blindingly apparent to anyone reading it….”

Please realize I don’t care what this person says or believes.  What bothers me is the phrase “exercise in hate“.

I am expressing my personal opinion.  I have paid dearly for this blog.  I have a right to express my opinion, as much as the person who commented had a right to do so and I have a right to remove that comment if I so desire.

My concern is how much longer I will be allowed to express my opinion before being “reported” to some authority for spewing hate?

When will a person like the one who has accused me of this “exercise in hate” decide that I should no longer be allowed to express my opinion, but have that opinion censored?

Yes, I have accused certain ultra conservtive bloggers of spreading a far right agenda of “racism” but am very careful to document my accusations.  I’ve accused certain neo-nazi types and white supremacists of spreading anti-Hispanic hate.

Then there is this comment.  Like I said, it doesn’t bother me, but read it.

“…Practice what you preach, thou jerk. Instead of posting half truths, bigotry, outright lies and one logical fallacy after another, be a bit more like this Christ character. Maybe try learning what words mean before you use them. Maybe try finding out that people who share a label aren’t all the same. Maybe discover that your assumptions based on a loud few don’t apply to the whole. Try rereading your post but replace Christian with White, and atheist with Black. That might help you realize how bigoted you are. Maybe then you might open your mind.

I see a very dangerous curve in the road ahead of us.  These people are very serious about accusing Christians of spreading hatred toward them.  They DO NOT like us, seriously DO NOT like us.  I think we need to take their threats, not too seriously, but keep an eye on what they say.

It terrifies me that the day is coming when we Christians are not going to be allowed to do or say anything, that we are going to be the target of any crack-pot who screams “hate”.  They’ll have our blogs shut down and have us labeled for “hate crimes”.

Something is seriously wrong in this country when a person can no longer honestly speak their mind without fear of being politically incorrect or insulting another person.  That’s like I would love to say what I really think about Barack Obama and the fact that the single reason he was elected was because of his race, and not the quality of his character nor quality of his experience or ideas, but if I do that, I’m considered a racist.

Oh, what the heck, I’m going to.  I’m already being accused of “exercising hate”.  Why not go all the way!