Obama Draws Comparisons to Roman Emperors


The Brits and the Canadians are starting to compare The One (elect) with various and sundry Roman emperors and Roman connotations. The problem is the fact that the followers of The One (elect) are so brain-damaged and historically ignorant they do not comprehend the comparisons of Bread and Circuses and Titus.

Let’s start with the Bread and Circuses.  As the Empire dragged on, it became more and more difficult at times for the despotic Roman Emperors, the vast majority of them completely incompetent.  They controlled the population by offering free grain and gladiatorial games (Christians mandatory – for the lions).

This is all rather insulting to Barack Obama and the way the world is beginning to view  him.  Fortunately for him and his fawning media, his followers are basically ignorant.  They won’t care.  That’s why Bread and Circuses succeeded in ancient Rome – abject ignorance and stupidity.

We may have passed go.

David Greenfield wrote:

“…So America continues the transition from a citizenry to a people, that waits for government handouts and the comforts of a monarchy as spectacle, broadcast simultaneously on all channels. While Obama preps a cabinet slate, half of whom belong in jail, the media continues applauding loudly to drown out any criticism. And the public watches with glazed eyes.

The millions who will trudge to watch this “historic” triumph of style over substance, dishonest criminality over ethics, and anti-americanism over American, will get exactly what they expect. A $150,000,000 coronation for the Prince of Chicago, a lavish subversion of American democracy splashed across every television and website.

When Rome moved from Republic to Empire, the corrupt decadent Emperors understood what the mob wanted. As Obama’s backers work to make America a post-Democratic post-Republic ogilarchy, they’re doing it with Bread and Circuses.

The ObamaGirl Revolution (TM) will be brought to you by Pepsi (TM) and Jones Soda (TM). Now stay tuned for a news report on a letter by Obama’s flacks supposedly written to his children, yet broadcast to all of America. Feel free to buy some Frito chips, the official chip of the Obama inauguration. And now breaking news, a special interview with the Obama’s new dog. Switch to another channel to see all the movie stars getting their moment too. Welcome to the Fall of the Republic, brought to you by Pepsi….”

Then there is the whole emperor as a “god” thing.  Jackie Mason thinks more people are now worshiping Obama than God.

“…But that’s not all. According to Mason, “Mao Tse Tung wasn’t so venerated and people weren’t so fearful of disagreeing with him as the Congress of the United States including the Republicans who are afraid to disagree with anything he says or does because they’ll be called a racist.”…”

I find the comparison to Titus fascinating, considering the damage Titus did to the Jews.

“…The day after the US election, I received a text telling me that Barack Obama had run so “our children could fly”. Mildly stomach-turning though this was, it reminded me that the devotion of his supporters seemed almost bizarre at times; such passionate sincerity belongs to a different time from the cynical age in which we usually live. It kept reminding me of something, and I couldn’t think what.

Then I dusted the bookshelves and realised – Barack Obama is the modern incarnation of the Emperor Titus, who ruled the Roman Empire from AD79-81, before death cut his reign tragically short. This is Suetonius: “Titus had such winning ways – perhaps inborn, perhaps cultivated subsequently, or conferred on him by fortune – that he became an object of universal love and adoration.”…”

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4 thoughts on “Obama Draws Comparisons to Roman Emperors

  1. “That’s why Bread and Circuses succeeded in ancient Rome – abject ignorance and stupidity.”

    Well, and crushing poverty and slavery on the one hand, as against an elite populated by the phenomenally rich and hereditary nobles on the other with an ever smaller middle class crushed between them. As one wag (speaking of the impossibility of a Swedish revolution) said (IIRC),

    “It’s hard to get a revolution going in a welfare state. If it succeeded, what ever would happen to our pensions?”

    As more and more enstupiated products of our prisons for kids (AKA, “public eucation) and Mass Media toxic entertainment become wards of the state whose only purpose in life is to be props for a government and buraucratic elite and whose only goals are to have their fancies tickled, we are becoming the dystopian Big Brother “welfare” society forseen by Orwell, Dick and many others.

    It’s difficult indeed trying to maintain hope, but depair is a deadly sin.

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