The Greatest Gathering of Porta-Potties Ever


The greatest commentary I’ve yet to see about the Coronation inauguration of Barack Obama is the fact that there are not enough toilets – porta potties to go around.

Talk about a pile of you know what!

Nothing says Barack Obama better than not enough facilities for S_ _ _.

“…Even if only 1 million people show up near the National Mall on Tuesday, sanitation experts say there simply won’t be enough toilets.
“Basically, you’ll have sewage rolling down the streets,” said Roy Morris, a sales manager with Maryland’s United Site Services, providing about half of the Mall’s portable toilets. Morris, only half-joking about the sewage, said the 7,500 regular portable units and 1,200 handicapped units are far fewer than the 13,000 needed.
“They’ve got a 60-gallon holding capacity,” he said. “Typically, that’ll be filled by 75 people in a six-hour period.”
According to Morris’ formula, a crowd of 1.5 million people would produce 1.2 million gallons of waste. The portable toilets in place have a capacity of about 522,000 gallons. It was announced late last week that additional indoor facilities would be opened around the Mall, but the outdoor accommodations are still expected to bear the brunt of the burden.
Despite the warnings, Barack Obama’s inaugural organizers said the toilet count was adequate and the Mall’s natural beauty would not be sullied….”