Democratic Corruption Alert!


The One (anointed) specifically signed a bunch of gobbedy-gook orders that basically will advertise that HIS ADMINISTRATION is above corruption.  They are going to be perfect.

In other words, expect just the opposite.  The moment a new Dem POTUS starts preaching about impending perfection of his administration, get out the popcorn, gin, olives, and find a comfy seat in front of the telly.  It’s going to be good.  It will be sleazy, dirty, and absolutely corrupt.

They promise transparency – maybe someone in the White House will wash a window or two, but that’s about the end of it.

They promise honesty – grab your wallet.

They promise and end to corruption – get ready for the big show.

If Barack Obama’s past is any indication, he’s going to make Bill Clinton’s antics look like a Sunday School Class!

We all know when Obama claims something big like no corruption, etc, the exact opposite is true.

This could be very very interesting.

FYI – you might want to pay attention to the attire the Dem POTUS wears in the Oval Office.  When they start doing the casual thing and violate Reagan’s Rules of Attire, there seems to be a connection between incompetence/corruption and lack of formality.

It could be fun to watch.

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