O’Reilly & FOX Feel the Tingle!


Unfortunately I made the mistake of listening to FOX and O’Reilly this afternoon.

We’re talking fawning Obama worship.

I don’t mind giving the incompetent new guy on the 1600 block the benefit of the doubt – but all that slobbering devotion is getting a little old.

FOX’s listeners, for the most part, are not the Hopeinchange voter.  We are well read voters who have a tendency to vote using our brains, not that tingly all over feeling.  If this is an example of what we are going to be sentenced to during the enlightenment of the Era of Obama, count me out.

The problem is the fact that there is nowhere else to turn for rational information.

I guess I’m going to be watching a heck of a lot of Mobile Home Disaster.  Don’t knock it until you watch it.  The same thing holds for UFO Hunters.  If all else fails, there is always TVLand.

We all know FOX is basically canned now that Hopeinchange is ruling the Beltway.  Evidently O’Reilly is doing his fair share of pandering for production values and Obama Administration suck-ups.  Same thing with Geraldo.  Okay, I was disappointed with Geraldo.  I thought better of him.

The one thing O’Reilly demonstrated to me was the fact that the illusions of animosity toward GWB are real.  I think he barely tolerated GWB, but is awash in Obama Tingle.

Can you say Larry the Cable Guy?


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