Michelle Obama – Fashion Disaster – Day 2

Fashion Disaster - Day 2
Fashion Disaster - Day 2

Don’t get me wrong, I like the dress.  It would be the kind of thing I would wear, but NOT to this specific function.

Basically it was an insult to the American people.

There is no jewelry, no hat, no jacket, and the shoes are inappropriate.  She is carrying no purse.

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN when it it time for these ill-bred upstart pretenders to the White House when they hit the UK.

Earlier this evening I had a heated discussion with someone who has lost their reason and become an Obama suck-up.  I mentioned how bad Michelle looked at the inauguration and how bad her gown was.  “I thought it was sweet and they were cute.”

“She is our First Lady.  You don’t do sweet.  If she doesn’t know how to dress and behave she has no business being First Lady.”

Yea, you guessed right.  I got hung up on!


2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama – Fashion Disaster – Day 2

  1. No matter what dress is put on her, even super expensive ones, she will always look ugly, there’s no hope!

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