Another Reason I Detest Football


You can tell a Democrat is POTUS.  This year, at the Super Stupid Bowl the military color guard, who are always allowed to have seats and watch the game, are second class Americans.  They will be escorted, like intruders, from the stadium before the game begins.

I hope Rush Limbaugh sees this and contacts his precious team and makes such a big stink these brave men and women are treated like the heroes they are!

H/T Pat Dollard


One thought on “Another Reason I Detest Football

  1. Wait– I thought this Super bowl stuff was run by the NFL and other sports geeks. When did politicians get involved? Like they don’t have enough to be paying attention to, for heavens sake. That’s what’s wrong with this country, it seems everyone is more interested in some other job, not the one they’re supposed to be doing.

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