Is Liberal NM Fringe Media Against Val Kilmer?


Regular Pink Flamingo readers have probably guessed the only reason I continue to do these idiotic Val Kilmer updates is to have an excuse to use yet another clip from Tombstone.  I give up.  I’m guilty!

I’m Your Huckleberry

It’s boring here in New Mexico.  Very little ever happens.  When it does, though, it is world class strange, weird, and juicy.  I think the upcoming 2010 Governer’s race is going to fall into all three categories.

I want to state up front that my money is on Heather Wilson.  I hope she can make it through a rather conservative primary where the more conservative faction of the GOP, like most states today, nominates the less electable candidate – Steve Pearce.  It happened this fall, and we lost a Senate seat.  If Wilson is nominated, I think she can wipe the floor with simpering, pandering, and questionable Diane Denish.  I also think she could defeat Val Kilmer.

As an aside we’re going to see something similiar in SC.  Christina Jeffrey, who has NO BUSINESS running, is going up against Bob Inglis.  She doesn’t consider Inglis conservative enough.  Now I find this proof positive of my theory that conservatives have gone too conservative.  In 1995 Bob Inglis was considered one of the most conservative members of the US House and the most conservative elected official in SC.  Now, though, he isn’t good enough.  If Jeffrey were to be nominated, she would lose a FIRM GOP Congressional seat.

Back to New Mexico and “Doc Holiday” (no, not the cat.  She’s sleeping in front of the fridge door.  It’s probably the warmest spot in the condo.

I am detecting the distinct odor of liberal bias against the actor and in favor of Denish, who does her best to court and pander to them.  It is entirely possible one of the reasons Denish is so anxious to get “Big Bill” to go the way of Blago, and ride off into the sunset is so she can be the seated governor in 2010.  She thinks this will give her at least head start on Kilmer.  If, as rumor has it, “Big Bill” has already endorsed Kilmer, this is yet another reason she wants to give “Big Bill” the boot.

Now we’re starting to hear little snips of complaints that some of the more liberal members of the fringe NM press could be annoyed that Kilmer is talking to the national press and not to them.

I have news for them.  Kilmer is an international figure, an “A-List” movie star.  New Mexico has one of the most pathetic excuses for “media” I’ve ever seen.  When I lived in SC I would complain (but not much) about our local media, but not state media.  They were good.  That’s far from the truth here.  Our local rag is a vile disgrace.  I wouldn’t even use it to train a puppy, let alone put it under a bird cage. The state wide news isn’t much better.   What we do have is so busy worshiping Barack Obama, I doubt if they would have time for even one of our many local “movie stars”.

There’s something else at play here.  I’ve lived in NM for nearly 11 years, now, which comes close to making me a “native”.  People who move here intentionally have a tendency to want to thumb their nose at the rest of the world.  NM prides itself on the fact that it has not been a state for 100 years yet, that it is still a frontier.  (Unfortunately the refugees from California are starting to arrive, and change things a little).

We’re a lot like Texans, only we have the choice between red or green.  If you do not know what that is, you don’t know what NM is all about.  Here in NM, like NYC, it is very bad form to even notice that the person who has pulled up next to you to gas their Hog is Sam Elliot.

I could be wrong, but I think this is one state where “movie star” status may amount to an entire hill of beans.

If things continue in the current direction, I don’t think even Doc Holiday is going to be able to dig the Dems out of their current mess.

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