Barack Obama’s Very Bad First Week


If a newly Inaugurated Republican President of the United States were to have a first week in office that is as bad as the one Barack Obama has had, we would never hear the end of it.  Instead, the media is propping their little tin-god.

1.  The Vatican thinks he is arrogant.

“…A senior Vatican official on Saturday attacked US President Barack Obama for “arrogance” for overturning a ban on state funding for family-planning groups that carry out or facilitate abortions overseas.It is “the arrogance of someone who believes they are right, in signing a decree which will open the door to abortion and thus to the destruction of human life,” Archbishop Rino Fisichella was quoted as saying by the Corriere della Sera daily….”

2.  The Year of the Ox

“…Chinese soothsayers see a deepening recession, millions more losing their jobs, and stocks and home prices continuing to fall. That’s more or less in line with what some economists are predicting, but some fortunetellers are throwing in other dire predictions — massive earthquakes, rising U.S.-Russian tensions and trouble for President Obama.

Obama, born in the Year of the Ox, is taking office in a particularly bad year for his Chinese astrological sign. The ox sign is in direct conflict this year with a traditional Chinese divinity called the “God of Year,” considered a bad omen. Obama also is the 44th president, a number the Chinese deem extremely unlucky, because “four” is pronounced the same as “death” in Chinese….”

3.  Singlehandedly uniting the GOP and Conservatives!

Barack Obama is so tone deaf, so arrogant, so rude, and so narcissistic, when he acted like a petulant brat, had a tantrum and told the GOP he won so they had to play by his rules it was bad enough.  BUT – when he basically declared war on Rush Limbaugh – well, he has basically united everyone, and turned that small tent of conservatives into a very big tent of the Republicans – moderate and conservative – all with one single objective.

Rush said:

“…There are two things going on here. One prong of the Great Unifier’s plan is to isolate elected Republicans from their voters and supporters by making the argument about me and not about his plan. He is hoping that these Republicans will also publicly denounce me and thus marginalize me. And who knows? Are ideological and philosophical ties enough to keep the GOP loyal to their voters? Meanwhile, the effort to foist all blame for this mess on the private sector continues unabated when most of the blame for this current debacle can be laid at the feet of the Congress and a couple of former presidents. And there is a strategic reason for this…”

4.  Unknown to many sources Hugh Hewitt has cried “uncle” over immigration.

“The Border Closes,” The Economist:, Dec. 20, 2008-January 2, 2009, 51-52.

“Exit polls for CNN suggest that Mr. Obama carried Hispanic voters by 28 points in Texas, 51 points in California and 54 points in Nevada.  By 2012, the Hispanic electorate will be bigger and the heavily Latino Western states will command a few more electoral college votes, thanks to the 2000 census.”

The great conservative “victory” in 2005 and 2006 over comprehensive immigration reform has become a political disaster of incredible magnitude.  I want Sarah Palin to go into Hispanic communities — perhaps with Linda Chavez and others — and begin repairing the situation.  Hispanics, especially women, are a “natural constituency” for the Republican Party. If Hispanics, by far the biggest minority group in the country, continue voting 80-20 for Democrats, we can forget about ever winning another national election.  We need to go and find quality Hispanic candidates to run as Republicans — and we must give them the money and organizational support they need to win.

5.  He gave Pay for Play a whole new meaning by requiring the media to dish out $$$ for access, and shut out C-Span!

“…Obama hasn’t even taken the oath of office and he’s blocking media outlets that don’t pay. He even shut out C-Span – almost unheard of in Washington. Instead, his inauguration is raking in cash and limiting access to ordinary Americans to help pay for the festivities.If this were John McCain’s inauguration, the media would be using the Rod Blagojevich  term – “pay for play.” Since it’s Obama, it’s a “celebration.”

And it’s a pricey one at that. In fact, the almost-coronation of Obama could cost up to $150 million and be the most-expensive inauguration in American history. That’s equal to what 3,000 entire households earn in a year and our inaugural committee spends that much in the blink of an eye.

What’s scary is his team doesn’t think that is too much. According to the Associated Press, “Obama’s inauguration committee says it is mindful of the times and is not worried people will see the four days of festivities as excessive.”…”

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  1. This is outrageous, but what do we expect? They are, after all, demonrats. Over this abortion issue, I hate them. Sorry, can’t hold it back anymore. I’m tired of being polite about it. It is genocide, and they are responsible for, just like they were responsible were slavery, the Civil War, seperate but equal, and everything else that has gone wrong with our beloved country.

    Are you are aware that blacks were not allowed to own guns, and that is how so many of them were hanged? If they would have had a gun, I’ll bet you anything things would have turned out differently! Grrrrr! Great post. ;)

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