The Serious Danger of Oprah


Not content to turn The One (anointed) into a New Age religion, Oprah is now hosting a finance expert who has called for a 30 day suspension of dining out.

I don’t know about you, but the idiots who live in Memphis, who helped elect The One (anointed) and listen to this s#i% would put my sister out of business.  Allegedly Suze Orman thinks people should quit going out to eat to save money in the worst hard times since the Great Depression (which it is not).

So, once again Oprah is out to destroy our country, one mom & pop restaurant at a time, my sister being one of them.  Then she will lose everything she owns and put several dozen Obama worshippers out of business.

Obviously Oprah doesn’t know how the real world works – maybe she does.  I gather it it is true that if Oprah thumbs her nose at a Republican there is a hurricane in New Orleans and the GOP loses.

When is this woman going to be held morally and financially accountable for the damage she has done to this counry? Let’s face the fact that she is the one who arranged for The One (anointed) to be elected.  She should be held accountable for a tremendous number of FEC violations, as should be The One (anointed).

This will never happen.

Instead we hear about the worship of Oprah, her New Age Anointed One, and her new religion.

This needs to stop.

No one person should be this powerful.

But – when you get stupid, brain-dead people who listen to her in a worshipful manner, turning fraudulent books into best sellers, what do you expect?


One thought on “The Serious Danger of Oprah

  1. OMG…so the “Queen” of America aka Oprah, is now supporting this ludicrous idea of getting people to stop dining out for 30 days?! And that’s going to help the economy how???? Or is this just another one of her weight-loss plans?

    Years ago I was a follower of the great Oprah, but her true colors started coming through for me at least, about 5 or 6 years ago. I gradually stopped watching and listening to her…thank goodness!

    My sister uses the word “beguiling” when she speaks of Obama and I have to agree with her…I just don’t get it, I don’t see how so many people could be so blind, and be guided down the “primrose path”.

    “beguile” – be⋅guile
    –verb (used with object), -guiled, -guil⋅ing.
    1. to influence by trickery, flattery, etc.; mislead; delude.
    2. to take away from by cheating or deceiving (usually fol. by of): to be beguiled of money.”

    Oprah is a master of beguiling!

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