Remember When We Had a Great President in Office?


It seems like an eternity, but a week ago, the US still had a real, grown-up man in the Oval Office.  Now we’re stuck with a petty little strap who has delusions of grandeur and is basically incompetent.  He has a total b*t*ch for a wife who makes Hillary’s days in the White House look like a cupcake party. And, he’s basically mean spirited.  Face it, if the man were honorable he would call own his attack vipers and make them behave with a few manners.  Just look at the way they treated GWB last Tuesday.  That alone is cause to make any decent American heart-sick.

AJ Strata wrote:

“…This ain’t the change voters were promised. In fact, the snippy attitude is an indicator of a much worse and long lasting problem – Obama is not ready for the job. George Bush was able to guide partisans into reasonable compromises to address this nation’s problems. From stimulus packages to tax cuts to education reform to immigration reform, Bush was able to forge solutions so well the far right went into a panic mode they have yet to recover from. Bush was adept at bringing people together.
Obama is not adept, he is inept. He cannot control his far left base and he cannot handle the challenges of bringing competing or warring factions together. One way to destroy the Democrats is to show how Obama and the Dem Congress are LESS capable than Bush and the GOP Congress. After all the hype and mud thrown at Bush, the last thing they Dems and Obama need is to look like they are incapable of even meeting his standards of accomplishment….”

The stories I’m hearing is that GWB is doing great.

I’m glad someone is.  I’m sure not enjoying things.

Thank You President Bush

Mike Patterson wrote the following:

“…In the aftermath of that terrible September morning in 2001, few believed that the U.S. would go another seven years without an attack. And in ensuring that 9/11 was al-Qaida’s last successful strike on the U.S. homeland, Mr. Bush fulfilled the first duty of any commander in chief.

But in so fulfilling his duty, he has unwittingly become one of the most consequential leaders in world history. For the path from 9/11 led him to Afghanistan and then Iraq, a journey that saw the liberation of some 50 million souls from the grip of tyranny.

What is remarkable about this is, A) how little it is commented upon, and B) when it is commented upon, how many caveats are apt to be attached to it. Some of these caveats are valid: In Iraq, the mayhem that immediately followed the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s regime was no better – and for many Iraqis, much worse – than the regime itself. In Afghanistan, our early gains and successes are increasingly in jeopardy from a resurgent Taliban succored by opium dollars and Pakistani havens.

This much is true. But this is also true: The people of Afghanistan and Iraq, because of George W. Bush, have for the first time a real choice. The way to democracy and modernity has been opened for them, if they want it. Now, that is not everything. But it is not nothing.

To be sure, a choice is not a guarantee. Others who have had similar opportunities have chosen to backslide into autocracy or terror (see: Russia, Gaza). But for now, the people of Iraq and Afghanistan have taken their first tentative steps toward joining the modern world.

In Kandahar, the Mirwais School for Girls is open, and young women by droves are braving ridicule and attack to attend. In Northern Iraq, Kurds whose villages were not long ago being gassed by Saddam Hussein’s mad sons are now sending representatives to a national parliament in Baghdad. These are profound developments.

It is easy, I suppose, for wealthy, liberal Americans, their own daughters safely ensconced in private schools, to belittle these achievements. But for the young girl learning to read near the top of the world, for the Shiite woman boldly proclaiming a proud purple finger in Basra, these are real and revolutionary improvements.

And what about all that he has done for Africa? Has any president – has anyone at all – done more for the poorest continent than George W. Bush? His efforts against AIDS and malaria have spared millions from the ravages of disease and death, a blessed campaign that is shockingly underreported….”


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