Educational Stupidity – Kids Don’t Need Recess


Someone finally had the bright idea to study kids, schools, and recess.

Once upon a time, when I went to elementary school, we had to be there at 8:30AM.  School was over by 1:30PM for first grade, 2:PM for 2nd grade, and 2:20 for grades 3-6.  We had 35 minutes of recess at 10:30, and another 30 after lunch. Built into the school day were 3 days of 30 minute PE and 2 days of 30 minute classroom music lessons.  The way I calculate things, we had about 4 hours of actual class time per day.

When I was in the 5th grade, we had my age’s first testing.  There were, I think, 3 5th grade classes that year.  From what I remember the average reading level was somewhere around the 8th grade!  Now that was a public school in backwater South Carolina. (FYI, I remember my reading level quite clearly, 12grade, 7th month).

From what I gather, now, South Carolina’s schools have some very serious problems with reading. The kids cannot read. I was looking at the information for the county where I grew up in SC.  Fred Hamilton is still school superintendent.  The county ranks up at the top of the state in education.  The county (and I really don’t believe it) is listed as one of the top 100 communities in the US for children.

I am contrasting this with the schools here in Ruidoso.  They are a disgrace.  I don’t know if I could live her if I had kids in schools.  The best teachers aren’t allowed to teach what they do best, they spend their days awash in a plague of paperwork.  Kids basically need to be in place by 7:30AM and remain imprisoned until 3:30.  The younger grades have maybe 30 minutes of recess.

Their days are regimented.  At one school the kids carry their things around in dishpans.  They march like little soldiers from one class to another, not being aloud to speak loudly.  They can’t play in the halls.  There is zero tolerance for just about everything.  The drop out rate is high.  The kids are horribly ignorant and poorly taught.  There are good teachers who are hamstrung by a disgusting school board and equally incompetent superintendent.

Where my cousin’s daughter goes in Colorado, kids in high school are no longer allowed to have lockers.  They must carry all their books in huge back-packs.  The reason:  Heaven forbid there are drugs in lockers.  By drugs I’m talking Advil, Tylenol, Aspirin. I wonder what would have happened to me.  When I in high school I carried a 100 count bottle of Darvon because of my migraines and a few other problems. I’d be in some sort of lock-up and the parents would be in jail if I were a kid today.


Evidently one of the reasons there are so many discipline problems with kids today (aside from stupidly idiotic parents) is the fact that they don’t have time to play.  They play they use up all that energy.  They play, they are active, they don’t gain weight!


Want to know why kids are gaining weight?

Don’t blame their parents, fast food, or soda.  Put the blame exactly where it belongs – today’s educators.  No longer are kids allowed to run and play.  They don’t have time.  They spent an “adult” work day in school, then must go home and do up to 3 hours of homework, even little kids.

Get it?

“…The study also said the growing problem of childhood obesity needs to be addressed by more activity, especially at school where children spend so much of their day.

One earlier study found that free time has shrunk for U.S. children in and out of school since the 1970s, the report said. At the same time most elementary schools in Asia provide a 10-minute break after every 40 to 50 minutes of instruction, it added….”


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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. What is with all this discipline? My kid comes running home to me with a B in conduct because he talked by the drinking fountain. Yeah, he told me he said exactly seven words, and those were “Scoot over. It’s my turn to drink.” Please.

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