It’s Worse


When news anchors like Brian Williams refer to previous Presidents as “EVIL”, we have a serious problem.

“…Marveling on Monday’s Late Show about how people were lining up during the inauguration “to buy merchandise with any depiction” of President Barack Obama, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams expressed his pleasure at seeing so many people “that excited about our new chief executive after a line of what the ordinary voter would maybe describe as bad choices or choices of evils, for years, generations.”

All the Presidents going back for “generations” before Obama were “evil”? Williams likely meant to say past presidential victors were seen as the “lesser of two evils,” but a greater percent of voters cast their ballot for Ronald Reagan in 1984 (58.7%) — when plenty of Americans outside the media were excited about re-electing that President — and George Bush in 1988 (53.7%) than chose Obama (52.8%)….”

Let’s be honest here, it’s worse than we thought it would be.  Chortling aside about Obama’s abject incompetence, there are things going on that I just plain old don’t like.  Sure, HE WON, and doesn’t mind telling everyone that he did, but where do we draw the line?

Once upon a time we had a pragmatic MSM who hid their liberal ideology behind professional ethics and pride.

That has gone the way of the DoDo.  Now, dimwitted Hopeinchange voters get their biased news from very biased sources including idiots who pretend to be comedians.  But even Jon Stewart went over the line the other day when he suggested Rush Limbaugh was “asrguably treasonous” for wanting The One (anointed) to fail.

What about all those other times when Steward spent year after year doing his part in destroying GWB’s poll numbers?  I guess that doesn’t count, does it?

Have you already noticed how they are not discussing the way Obama is consolidating power, or how corrupt some of his appointments are?  If we were dealing win an incoming GOP POTUS, he/she would already be cripple by media investigations.

In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders is being prosecuted for exercising his freedom of speech.  Right here in the US, CNN has labeled Rush Limbaugh’s opposition to The One (annointed) as Hate Speech.

When the newly inaugurated POTUS classlessly bashes one of the nation’s leading broadcasters, the MSM pats him on the back.  From what I gather only one pundit or reporter even bothered to contact Rush about the slam.

Chris Matthews makes fun of Rush Limbaugh after taking his cue from his messiah.  He must also make fun of people who listen to Rush.  After all, conservatives and Republicans are to be made fun of and rediculed. We’re not really human.

The MSM liberal press is more interested in supporting their tin plated dictator than they are telling the truth.  They must now go after anyone who dares to criticize their messiah.  But – they propped up anyone who was fortunate enough to say all manner of nasty things about GWB.  And – they will do anything to harm Sarah Palin.

From The Observer:

“…In reality, the Democrats displayed little appetite for obstructing George W. Bush, who lost the popular vote but got his way on tax cuts in the summer of 2001. The Democratic Congressional leaders and the entire country rallied to the side of the president after 9/11—and the Democrats were rewarded with savage assaults on their patriotism in the following year’s midterm election. Even now, Mr. Limbaugh remains deaf to the bipartisan appeals of the Obama White House, which has tried, perhaps too hard, to change the tone in Washington. “I never hear Democrats talking about walking across the aisle,” he complained to Mr. Hannity. “I never see any of them praise each other or brag about the fact that they do it. They brag about the Republicans that they destroy.”What all this inane ranting proves is how remote Rush and his imitators are from the urgent concerns of the American public, including not only Democrats and independents but a growing number of Republicans, too….”

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