The Great Cat Soap Opera – Kitten Update


Up until Tuesday morning, I was beginning to think Mommy Cat’s most recent (and last) litter did not make it.  I’ve heard nothing from them.  Granted, she has them hidden very deep in closet in my guest room, but still, there should have been a little “meow” once in awhile.  They are three weeks old, and should be moving around, if still alive.

Her attitude has been deplorable.  She’s been beating up on Rumsfeld every chance she gets.  She’s beating up on Bat Masterson to the point where he’s cowed.  She’s even beating up on little Hoss.

The only one who is really getting along with her is Bubbles.  On Monday evening Mommy Cat even smacked her around after she investigated the “nursery” too closely.

Tuesday morning while I was getting dressed, I heard this little “meow”.  I looked over at the closet and saw a little orange tabby head peaking out.  Then came another little orange head.  A little gray head followed.  The first little ginger tabby stepped out of the closet.  His ‘twin’ sibling followed.  I went over and spoke to them.  I then saw a little tuxedo.  I think there was third ginger tabby but I’m not sure about that.

They were walking quite well.

I did notice, though, that the little gray one had that shape of face I’ve come to know indicates the fact that he will not survive beyond 7 or 8 weeks.  I’ll let him have a good little baby life, then when I notice that he’s not doing well, take him down to Dr. Franklin.  I’ve learned there’s not way one will when they have that shaped head.  I think it comes from a lack of nurishment.  I’m also beginning to think they have that umbilical chord problem when they are like that.

Anyone want a kitten?


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