Congrats Mr. Chairman! (Or) Obama’s Bad 2nd Week!




The GOP has had a good couple of weeks.  Sure, I know we “lost” the White House officially last week, but the incompetent successor to a great man, George W. Bush, is so well …. Jimmy Carter …. that we had a good week last week.

Think back – 4 years ago.  Do you remember how everyone was declaring the Democratic Party dead as a doornail?  Remember how they are all now declaring the GOP dead as a doornail? n

1.  The One (anointed) arrogantly proclaimed I WON and insulted every Republican on the planet.

2.  James Earl Obama then declared war on Rush Limbaugh, there-by uniting conservatives, moderates, and the entire GOP!

3.  The messiah had one of the worst first weeks a newly inaugurated POTUS has had in many years.

4.  Eric Cantor 1 – Barack Obama 0

5.  Sarah Palin forms SarahPAC

6.  MICHAEL STEELE – Barack Obama’s 2nd Worst Enemy (Sarah Palin being the 1st!)

The remarkable thing about the election of Michael Steele as Chair of the GOP is for once just about everyone in the GOP is happy!  We need someone to unify the party.  This may just be the ticket!


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