How Stupidly Marxist Can Democrats Be?


Question:  How do you know Barack Obama is lying?
Answer: His lips are moving.

Have you ever noticed how, when leftists take over a nation that was once prosperous, they turn it into a land of absolutely nothing (on the shelves), no jobs, and put El Presidente in for life?

Like his Marxist counterparts in the world today, The One (anointed) is corrupt. He has corrupted the MSM and turned it into a propaganda machine.

The idiot who is pretending to be POTUS, wants to cut 11% from the military – in a time of war.  Oh, I forgot, we’re not at war with Islam.  Islam is a religion of peace and Christians are evil.

It’s like this, we’re beginning to see the beginning of Obama’s Marxist take-over of the United States of America.  I think we’ve reached the end of our hope that he will not change this nation extremely.  That  hope is dead.  He is out to destroy our country, let’s be honest about it.

Maybe we just need to start and live for the day and enjoy our nation as long as we can.  I am terrified we’re going to go the way of Venezuela.

What’s up with this “Buy American” thing?  Are Dems that stupid – willing to ruin our economy for their political careers?  How stupid of me.  Sure they are.

(From Jamie Wearing Fool) The One (anointed) “…has tripled the number of web pages that it forbids google and other search engines from accessing….”  This is the kind of thing his dear friends in China, Venezuela, and Cuba do.  So much for freedom.

They want to silence Rush Limbaugh and will do anything to do it.  The question is “WHY”?

Clair McCaskill (D-MO) wants to pass a law that any company that receives a federal bailout could not have employees who make more than the POTUS.

Then the messiah-wannabe insulted the UK:

“…Question: How is President Obama returning America’s foreign policy to the place it once was?

Answer: By banishing Sir Winston Churchill’s bust from the Oval Office, Obama has British-American relations headed back to where they were in 1812.

The Times of London reported: “In his last Lord Mayor’s Banquet speech, Gordon Brown sought to reinforce relations with Mr Obama by a reference to Britain’s wartime leader. ‘Winston Churchill described the joint inheritance of Britain and America as not just a shared history but a shared belief in the great principles of freedom, and the rights of Man – of what Barack Obama described in his election night speech as the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope,’ the Prime Minister said.”

Listen more, Mr. President. Dictate less….”

Then there is the proposal being made for the FCC to monitor all local radio and TV communication.  Is that the FCC or the KGB?

“…New FCC offices may sprout up throughout the United States in response to new FCC localism or Fairness Doctrine authority. It will be fascinating to see if they come to resemble CIA domestic offices. A peculiarity of many CIA offices within the US is that they have television sets on, providing a busy, newsroom atmosphere. Since FCC offices would be monitoring media, it’s possible they too may run radio and television sets in each room. Like the CIA, the FCC may argue that ever-greater amounts of money and employees are necessary to achieve its new mission, and as the money flows, and the number of employees grows, the FCC may become a constituent group of its own, with lobbying power, difficult to dislodge.

Censors are creative in inventing new reasons for delay. Although none of the CIA censors have actually served their country in a covert capacity, they injected spycraft into their communications by operating from anonymous post office boxes and phone numbers, and using false names, which added delay because of the infrequent checking of these P.O. boxes and answering machines.

Money can trump principles. CIA employees may choose not to speak out about fraud and corruption at the CIA simply because it is lucrative to co-exist within the CIA, whether as a contractor on $250,000 a year plus another contract for the spouse, or becoming rich through the CIA’s contracting system. Radio stations must also look out for their own financial interests. Advocates of FCC localism will hope the cost of compliance with bureaucracy forces stations to take conservative talk radio off the air….”

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