Perhaps Barack Obama’s Greatest Mistake


It has been my experience that arrogant people are brought down by that very arrogance.  I think maybe we have already seen the beginning of the end of Barack Obama.

(Even the Brits are calling him arrogant)

Barack Obama’s worst failing his his arrgance, vanity, lack of hunor, and petty lack of graciousness.   That very lack of graciousness may prove to be his greatest mistake and his undoing.

I am a historian.  I love history, watching the flow of it, and looking back to see when moments in time occure.  One of those, perhaps Barack Obama’s Waterloo, occurred during the first week of his Presidency when he ungraciously informed the GOP that he won.

Those two little words have served to unite feuding conservatives and Republicans like nothing Sarah Palin or even Ronald Reagan could ever do.  Liberals think that the GOP has just signed it’s death notice, but I don’t know anyone today who wasn’t very proud of the GOP!

The GOP’s conservative base is only about 20% – but the DNC’s liberal base is only about 19%. I don’t think liberals need to worry their pretty little heads about this right now.  We’ve been having some “words” among ourselves, but right now, I’m quite proud of the GOP.

We all are!


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