Move Over Henry VIII


Something is going on within the Catholic Church.  Pope Benedict XVI is basically undoing some of the mess Henry VIII made when he wanted ot divorce Anne Boleyn by allowing “Traditional Anglicans” to be brought into communion within the Catholic Church.

It’s a start.

At least some of my Anglican “relatives” are no longer “bastards” but have been welcomed back into the fold.

One of the little known aspects of being Episcopalians is that we’re treated like the unwanted bastard child of the Catholic Church.  Most Episcopalians long to be accepted by the Church, but don’t really want to give up being Episcopalian.  We can’t understand why we aren’t as good as are they.

There’s hope.

“…The Pope is preparing to offer the Traditonal Anglican Communion, a group of half a million dissident Anglicans, its own personal prelature by Rome, according to reports this morning.

“History may be in the making”, reports The Record. “It appears Rome is on the brink of welcoming close to half a million members of the Traditional Anglican Communion into membership of the Roman Catholic Church. Such a move would be the most historic development in Anglican-Catholic relations in the last 500 years. But it may also be a prelude to a much greater influx of Anglicans waiting on the sidelines, pushed too far by the controversy surrounding the consecration of practising homosexual bishops, women clergy and a host of other issues.”…”