Who Let Lose the Feds on Michael Steele?


Do you find it as suspicious as do I that suddenly the “Feds” are investigating some campaign spending irregularities from Steele’s 2006 campaign?

Ed Morrissey wrote:

“…Interestingly, the Washington Post only found out about the details of this story when they requested the prosecution sentencing memorandum from the Fabian case.  The US Attorney accidentally sent them the defense memorandum instead, which had been under seal.  The Post does a good job of presenting Steele’s side of the story as well.  His sister, Monica Turner (at one time Mike Tyson’s wife), told them that this was part of a “get Steele” campaign and shut the door on the reporter, but they also reported that the Steele campaign has invoices for much of the money in question showing Turner’s work for the campaign….”

Are you as sick and tired as I am over the “corruption” of Republicans and the absolute purity of the Obama Hopeanchange machine? I find the charges of financial corruption a little hard to swollow, esp. since we’re dealing with the recent take-down of Tom Daschel.

We all know the Obama Machine did this.

How long is the GOP going to roll over and play dead when it comes to this kind of thing.  Are we going to defend Steele, or let the Dems destroy yet another decent man?

The the Daily Kos came up with this lovely S*T*.  Evidently Steele’s sister has some problems with a drug dealer.  ERGO, Steele is evil.  I have two words for the Daily Kos:  Larry Sinclair!

“…Steele HAD to know about Eugene Byrd, his Crack Dealing and his lifestyle — and Byrd giving large cash and gifts to his sister.  Now, given his sister’s medical school debts and her families modest means (which Steele reminds us of, as well as his own lack of finances– MD RNC paid him to run for Lt. Gov.)

1.) Did Byrd pay for Monica Turner’s medical education and support their daughter with drug money?
2.) Did Michael Steele benefit from his sister’s relationship with this drug dealer?
He definitely needs to answer these questions…

Normally, it is just another case of interesting relatives — except that Michael Steele made such a big deal of campaigning with Mike Tyson his sisters ex-husband, a convicted rapist and actually supported Mike during an assault case.

Earlier today, the Washington Post came out with a story about Michael Steele’s campaign practices while in Maryland….”

“…Over the years, money trouble has been a persistent problem for Steele. His first race for public office, a 1998 bid for the Republican nomination for state comptroller, ended nearly $35,000 in debt, much of it to his sister. He was fined twice by state officials for missing deadlines to file campaign finance reports and was in debt and had faced foreclosure in 2001, the year before he was selected as Ehrlich’s running mate. The state party threw Steele a financial lifeline, awarding him an unusual $30,000 consulting contract….The claim about the payment, one of several allegations by Alan B. Fabian, is outlined in a confidential court document. Fabian offered the information last March as he was seeking leniency for himself during plea negotiations on unrelated fraud charges. It is unclear how extensively his claims have been pursued. Prosecutors gave him no credit for cooperation when he was sentenced in October. Steele spokesman Curt Anderson said he did not know what information the federal agents were seeking, but he dismissed Fabian’s allegations as patently false. “It’s from, what, a convicted felon? And it has no substantiation in fact,” he said. Fabian’s claims emerge as Steele begins his new role at the RNC, where he oversees the raising and spending of hundreds of millions of dollars in party money. The former Maryland lieutenant governor has faced questions about his handling of campaign money in prior elections and was twice fined for missing filing deadlines…”

Let’s face it, no one was even paying attention to the story until Michael Steele became chair of the RNC. Now the liberal dogs of slime are all over him.  Strange, isn’t it?

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