Last Night It Snowed in Tombstone


Wyatt Earp

It rarely snows in Tombstone.

On the evening of October 26, 1881 they received 2 inches of snow in Tombstone.  That day brought the opening salvo in the fight between the Earps and the Cowboys, a war between Democrats and Republicans.

Yes, this is yet another shameless ploy to introduce the subject of Wyatt Earp into yet another post.  This time I am using my favorite movie, Wyatt Earp. FYI, I think it is more accurate than Tombstone. There are moments in the film where Kevin Costner looks so much like Wyatt, it is just plain weird.

I’m a little out of sorts.  I don’t think my condition is any different from other Republicans.  I’m upset.  My feelings are a little like Wyatt Earp.  I wish we could clean out the Democrats the way Wyatt rid Cochise County of the Cowboy element, only we would leave them alive.

There is a bit of an irony here.  Wyatt Earp was a live-long Republican.  The Cowboys he went after, who were pushing the US and Mexico to the brink of a war, were Democrats.  In fact, Johnny Ringo was a big-time Democrat.

How did Wyatt Earp (Republican) defeat the Cowboys (Democrats)?

Wyatt Earp soldiered on through sure courage, stubborn pig-headed determination, and a refusal to quit or accept defeat. There is a lesson in his behavior for all Republicans.

Do not quit.

Do not accept defeat.

We will win in the end.

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