The Trouble with Atheists Who Are Self-Absorbed


The Pink Flamingo has been doing an article here and there about atheist, their narcissistic self-obsession, and the fact there IS a serious assault on the Christian faith, allegedly by various atheist groups.  I’m beginning to believe that it is rather possible George Soros (money) is behind more than a few of these attacks. That’s not part of my planned discussion, so I’ll just throw it out and see what happens.  It’ll stick somewhere.

So far my experience is that the blogging narcissitic atheists who have left some fascinating comments here are a bit self-absorbed and have absolutely NO sense of humor.  They take themselves WAY too seriously.  Maybe that’s part of the problem.  Someone either has a serious chip on their shoulder or is just way too sensitive, waiting to be attacked.  So – they attack.

It also appears to me that we’re dealing with people who truly believe, with very the “religious” fervor of the dogmatic, what they believe.  And that’s the real problem.  They don’t want to admit they believe anything.  That’s fine, but don’t people have other things to do with their lives?

I think liberals and Democrats have a tendency to forget we have a Bill of Rights.  I don’t include conservatives and Republicans in this because conservative and Republicans who are either atheist or agnostic are still conservative and Republican and realize people have a right to live and let live.

It doesn’t matter what religion, faith or philosophy a person is or isn’t, they still have a right to express what they have to say, and not be accused of “hate speech” if they don’t agree with someone else.  They have a right not to have their belief castigated, even Christians have that right (believe it or not).

The NY Times has an interesting commentary about a recent tome about “atheist spirituality”.  I’ve been castigated repeatedly because I’ve had the audacity to imply that the whole process of being atheist, for some people, has become a religious practice in itself.  Yikes!  Maybe I am right!

…More originally, he argues that this interdependence should summon gratitude — gratitude “for,” even if not “to.” Giving thanks, he recognizes, has been central to religion, and secular culture needs to be enriched with an equivalent.

Mr. Aronson’s is not the only recent example of a new new atheism. “The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality” (Viking, 2007), written by André Comte-Sponville and translated from the French by Nancy Huston, is another.

Like Mr. Aronson, Mr. Comte-Sponville is a philosopher, and though his book includes a critique of classic proofs for God’s existence, he is similarly less interested in battling religion than in explaining the basis of a nonreligious life. He does not hesitate to avow that much of what he is and does, “even my way of being an atheist,” bears the imprint of the Roman Catholicism to which he adhered through adolescence….

This afternoon, after a recent comment on the blog, I started thinking about a few things.  Do atheists only “go after” Christians or are they equal opportunity anti-religion?  Do they oppose radical Islam the way they do Christians?  What about Jews?  Do they oppose Buddhism?  What about Hinduism? What about Wicca and paganism?

Do atheists just pick on Christians?

Frankly, I think their help opposing radical Islam is would be welcome in the fight for freedom.

Have you read anything about the logic of the philosophy of Zen?

If you don’t want Christian prayer, etc. do you object to the daily horoscope in just about every publication there is?

Are you just anti-God or anti-all religions?

If one is an atheist, should not one be intellectually honest and be against all expressions of religion from native cultures to the Vatican to Mecca.

Oh, and guess what?

Within a certain degree I agree with you about way too much Christmas music.  As a Christian I find the commercialization of Christ a mockery.  Christmas music is fine from maybe December 24 through Epiphany.  But – it disgusts and angers me when they begin playing it everywhere – at Halloween.  I’ll agree with you there.

I have real problems with prayer in school, but for entirely different reasons.  In order to put a stop to the encroachment of radical Islam, we’re going to need to push religion out of all schools.  It is drastic, but it may be the only way to fight it.

Lighten up.

Don’t be so defensive.

And guess what?

I’m not out to convert you.

You’re too busy doing that yourself!

Ironically, today’s Forward Day by Day is most appropriate:

2 Kings 5:1-14. Naaman became angry and went away, saying, “I thought that for me he would surely come out, and stand and call on the name of the LORD his God, and would wave his hand over the spot, and cure the leprosy!”

It is so hard when God and others do not measure up to our expectations.

Naaman is a mighty warrior, the commander of a king’s army. He is used to giving orders and being obeyed. On the word of a captive, he goes to Israel, an enemy nation, seeking the man who can cure him of his leprosy. He is outraged when Elisha won’t even see him, but instead sends word that Naaman will be cured if he bathes in the Jordan River seven times. Yet when he finally performs the ritual, “his flesh was restored like the flesh of a young boy.”

Often we think we know exactly how God should act and what that action will look like. We can see it all so clearly. When that picture doesn’t materialize, we have a Plan B: assume God did nothing, blame God for inattention, stop praying. Our disappointment and our anger blind us. Perhaps God has done something to answer our prayers. Perhaps it just doesn’t look like it. Perhaps God has a Plan C and we will discern it by praying for insight into God’s actions in our lives and for patience.

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3 thoughts on “The Trouble with Atheists Who Are Self-Absorbed

  1. I am an Atheist but I ado gree that too many Atheists are no different than say, Muslims who believe that they are the only ones with the correct view of the universe.

    I see no problem with other religions as long as there is no agenda to forcibly convert me to their point of view.

    Too many anti-Christian Liberals have either forgotten or never learned where many of the concepts of tolerance and respect for human rights and dignity which they supposedly hold as virtues come from.

  2. I have zero tolerance for fanatics of any stripe who attempt to use the force of government to either promote their beliefs or prevent others from expressing their beliefs.

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