When in Danger When in Doubt Run in Circles…


When in danger,
when in doubt,
run in circles,
scream and shout!

James D. Puckett

James D. Puckett is probably the reason I am so involved in politics.  He IS the reason I am a writer. He was my journalism and government teacher when I was in the 11th and 12th grades.  His favorite line was the above.

Like many other Repubicans, that’s about how I’ve been feeling.  But, I saw something that gives me hope.

I was in a local business.  There are 6 employees.  One is not registered to vote.  Of the 5 remaining, she received her citizenship too late to vote for Obama, but she supports him.  So do the other 4.  Of those, one is a conservative Dem.  The other is a regular Dem.  The 3rd changed registration from GOP to Dem so she could vote for The One (anointed) in the primaries.  The final person is young Obama gusher.

All supported The One (anointed).

While I was in the establishment today there were 3 other customers.  One woman was so angry about the Porkulous package she was ranting and raving.  A 2nd customer was so angry that anyone would criticize The One (anointed) she was ready to punch the other woman’s light’s out.

The other customer is a friend.  Her husband is a member of the RNC.  She has very close personal ties to the Bush family.  Naturally we were talking.  The “conservative” Democrat, who never engaged in political conversation, and was, last week, a staunch Obama supporter, had seen the light.  In a week’s time she had turned into a FOX watching, Rush Limbaugh listening ‘take the country back & I’ll never vote Democrat again’.   She was pledging to vote GOP in 2010.  (I think we will have a good Palin supporter before it’s over).  All she could do was talk politics and put down the Dems.

The stats are interesting.  Like I told my father, there was 100% Democratic support in that business.  In just a week they have lost 20% of that support. It is important to remember she is a conservative Democrat.

The implications are quite fascinating.

I have hope.